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We Eradicate Exhaustion!

Looking for Burnout Syndrome solution? You are not alone. Despite an increase in access to more technology, wealth, freedom and advantages, we are all experiencing burnout in record numbers. We struggle to connect on an emotional level and constantly yearn to be a part of a group we can relate to.


Connected, But Isolated!

Are you looking for burnout expert? You are not alone. Despite an increase in access to more technology, wealth, freedom and advantages, we are all experiencing burnout in record numbers. We struggle to connect on an emotional level and constantly yearn to be a part of a group we can relate to.


BUT…There is HOPE!

Burnout is caused by negative energy and it’s holding you back. We are here to help you reverse this. We’re all doing our best to live up to the expectations of others and manage the negative energy that surrounds us on a daily basis. Together, we can get correct your energy and turn your life around.


The Burn Bright Way™

Our concept is simple: we provide you with a comprehensive and customized energy assessment, followed by a treatment plan and highly-skilled, precise energy healing sessions using cutting-edge technology that’s all-natural, which you can learn to use at home.


45% of millennial workers say

“They feel burned out at work and strongly agree that the demands of their job interfere with family life.”

– 2018 Gallup® Study on Performance Management

Burnout Syndrome
Burnout Expert


Quantum Holistic Wellness and Wealth Transformation

Our Three Quantum Transformation Platforms


1)   The Burn Bright Way™

Empower Your Life – Push Your Limits

Burnout Syndrome

2) Accelerated ProExec™ Platform

The New and Renewed Leader


3) Quantum Healing & Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Look Good, Feel Good

1) Burn Bright Today™ Way – Burnout Syndrome

Your Blueprint Connection

Past, Present, and Future Upleveling

Eradicate Exhaustion Wellness and Well-Being

Annual – All Burn Bright Wellness – Well-Being Options

Burn Bright Well-Being and Holistic Wealth Coaching

Healing the Unseen!

2) The Accelerated ProExec™  for Your Life, Career, and Organization

Burnout Syndrome Solution


ProExec™ Leadership & Wealth Mastery Program


ProExec™ Clinical and Operational Performance


ProExec™ Holistic Wellness Program

ProExec™ holistic-badass-boardroom

ProExec™ Holistic Badass Boardroom

3) Holistic Quantum Healing™ – Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Basic Energy Clearing – Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Perfect for first-time energy medicine sessions, and an opportunity to give it a try and see how you like it.

Tissue Issues – Remove and Release: Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Perfect for those familiar with energy medicine work who are ready and raring to tackle an issue with an illness, injury or life issue.

Your Success Pathway – Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Perfect for clearing negative energy from the physical body.

Relationship Strengthening and Healing

Healing the Unseen!

Holistic Well-Being and Wealth – Transform Yourself Inside and Out

Accepting and Receiving Abundance


Are you ready to get your life back? Then get ready for Burn Bright Today with Jennifer Jay Marcenelle on Transformation Talk Radio! Follow along on the show as Jennifer Jay Marcenelle explores a variety of topics and issues, including the energetic causes of burnout – all with the mission of empowering listeners to be true to themselves. As an energy medicine practitioner, speaker, author and Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Jennifer Jay Marcenelle has discovered new and exciting healing tools and resources and can’t wait to share them! Learn to move from the darkness of burning out to the light of burning bright! Get ready for your monthly dose of inspiration and illumination on Burn Bright Today with Jennifer Jay Marcenelle!

Meet Jennifer Jay Marcenelle


Creator of the ProExec™ Mastery Platform and Burn Bright Today™

Internationally Renowned Holistic Wellness and Health Expert

Certified Diamond & Gemstone Therapist Practitioner

Innovator for Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Certified NLP,GS/DT Practitioner

Certification for Badass Boardroom Coaching and Mastery Program

National Publicity Summit Practice Presenter

Host of Hit Show–Burn Bright Today Featured on Over 100 Media Outlets and Transformation Talk Radio

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High Performance without The Burnout
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Accelerated Energy Healing

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I look out to finding my true blueprint from Diamond Therapy to put me on the road to success or where I actually belong in life.

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I was worried about vertigo, I was worried about family, and now I am not worries. I’m so calm I can’t even believe it!

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I am so grateful to Jennifer and we are all fortunate to have this powerhouse of healing energy  in our midst, in the form of Jennifer!

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Internationally Renowned Health, Wellness, Well-Being Champion

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