Burn Bright Today

About Burn Bright Today, LLC

Burn Bright Today, LLC is the first holistic healing practice of its kind and one that spreads the message of holistic healing. We help people find freedom from anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD.

We combine evidence-based science, energy psychology, and spiritual care to deliver holistic and integrative treatments. We take a conservative ‘nature first’ approach to healing. The starting point is all-natural approaches, such as energy psychology combined with crystal healing, essential oils, botanicals, food, art and sound therapy.

We recognize every client’s unique circumstances and help them manage immediate challenges first. Our goal is to empower post-traumatic growth and help clients develop an easier way to get through life with measurable results.

Kindness, respect, and honesty are at the heart of our client-practitioner relationship. We listen to you.

In addition to our clinical practice, which can be accessed online or in person, we also host in-person clinics for small intimate groups of people and provide remote services for dozens of people at one time, demonstrating the holistic, integrative approach.