All About the BIO-WELL Device and the Burn Bright Way™

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Over the past decade, wellness researchers have made incredible headway in researching and relaying insights on the intersections between mental, physical, and spiritual health. One especially influential book, entitled “The Body Keeps Score,” authored by one of today’s preeminent scholars on PTSD and trauma, describes just how our traumas and emotional pain come to be reflected in our bodies over time. I find this recent article covering elements of the book to be particularly insightful.  As a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse, I assist clients in welding key elements of energy psychology in unpacking and working through their complex emotional burdens. One useful tool, the Bio-Well device, helps me to gain an objective snapshot of a client’s current physiological state. This article explores how the Bio-Well device works, its development and use, and just what it can tell a holistic healer like myself about a client’s current physical, emotional, and energetic state. I’ll also discuss the implications of using this device in the Burn Bright Way™. 

Energy Psychology as a Core Component of Holistic Care

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) defines energy psychology as “a family of mind-body methods that rapidly reduce stress and trauma while increasing calm. Calming the body (where stress is stored) is a missing key to unlocking rapid change.” 

Key lessons from energy psychology are integrated into practitioners’ treatment plans both within and outside of the holistic healing field. Still, it holds an especially sacred role in the services offered by holistic healers like me. 

While mainstream psychological therapy tends to treat our respective psychologies as separate and apart from our physical selves, with occasional overlaps, holistic healers see them as inherently connected and inseparable. As a result, we believe that the emotional stressors in our lives take a direct and ongoing toll on our bodies, which can be uncovered and addressed by utilizing energy psychology. 

My first step when working with new clients is establishing a safe, calming space where I can guide my clients during our time together. But defense mechanisms can make us reluctant to open up, especially to strangers. And even worse, prolonged reliance on defense mechanisms can inadvertently gaslight us into believing that we’re not stressed at all.  To help clients navigate such complicated webs of defense mechanisms, painful memories, and self-criticism, I use a unique little device commonly known as a “Bio-Well,” which can capture energy readings, relaying them as visual representations of stress levels and other markers of holistic wellness. 

Description and Features of the Bio-Well Device

The Bio-Well device captures energy readings and stress levels from all ten fingers. It also provides the user with real-time monitoring of their physiological reactions while performing certain activities, discussing certain topics, or receiving energy healing treatments. 

This device shows simple and easy-to-understand graphics representing current energy levels associated with stress levels and emotional states. It also allows a sense of balance levels throughout your body, along with monthly biorhythms. It’s especially useful in tracking progress and allows you to observe your body’s before and after energy readings. It reflects work done during healing sessions and changes in diet, activity levels, detox efforts, and other factors that impact your holistic wellness.

The technologies underlying the Bio-Well device are known as gas discharge visualization (GDV) techniques and were pioneered by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. In this guide, you can look into various technical elements of the Bio-Well camera. GDV evolved from the Kirlian effect and is used to measure and analyze electro-photonic emissions from the human body. Data shows that GDV can indicate several important health markers. The technology has been used to better assess the health status of those with coronary heart disease, for example. In one study, researchers concluded that electro-photonic emission analysis from human fingers is “one of the promising methods” to use systemic electromagnetic energy processes in the clinical examination possible study of systemic electromagnetic energy processes of the human body.”

Implications for the Burn Bright Way

Trauma includes any event, circumstance, or ongoing challenge that presents an ongoing, persistent, and significant focal point in our lives. Unaddressed and under-addressed traumas can continue to influence our thoughts and behaviors in many destructive ways. This can include debilitating self-criticism and judgment, self-destructive behaviors, and preoccupation with our traumas to such an extent that we convince ourselves that we are our trauma. As a result, we feel or even believe we will never be anything more than our trauma. 

While one part of us holds onto hope that we can achieve a better quality of life, another part of ourselves remains in a state of hopelessness and despair, convinced that nothing can be done. The Burn Bright Way™ is all about empowering the hopeful parts of ourselves that have been drowned out by years of ongoing pain and stagnation. By giving ourselves the tools to combat powerful challenges that have snowballed into overpowering anxieties and depression, we present ourselves with the opportunity to process unresolved pain, gain perspective, and transform our lives for the better. 

By using the Bio-Well device in early work with clients, we gain a fully objective snapshot of where you’re at and the weight of the burdens you are currently shouldering, as reflected in the energy signals emitted from your body. This reading is not used to compel clients to divulge their secrets faster than they are comfortable with; it helps to frame our conversations as we get to know one another and work to build trust and a common ground for collaborating on the development of strategies you need to grow and improve your life and sense of well-being. 

If you are looking for complementary therapy to help you get relief from anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD, I invite you to try the Bio-Well and The Burn Bright Way™ . To learn more about the Burn Bright Way™ and schedule a consultation, please visit my website and contact me today! 


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