An Introduction to Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine
Many people use energy medicine to treat illnesses and relieve pain. It’s also used to stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins, stimulating immune function, relieving headaches, releasing stress, enhancing memory, boosting digestive processes, relieving neck, shoulder and lower back pain and much more.

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Did you know that you can enhance your health, sharpen your mind and boost your vitality and happiness level by embracing simple energy practices to keep your body’s energies balanced?

If you are not familiar with the practice, the field of energy medicine is based on the premise that all physical objects, or bodies, and psychological processes, such as thoughts, memories, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes, are expressions of energy. As such, the theory is that all bodies are infused with a life force or “subtle” energy.

A compliment to other medical care approaches, as well as a complete system for self-care and self-help, it addresses physical illness and emotional issues and also stimulates high-level wellness and peak performance.

So, how does it work? One way to better understand energy medicine is to consider the fact that you heal your body by activating its natural healing energies; you also heal your body by restoring energies that have become weak or out of balance.

Think of it like attuning yourself and your entire energy field to the proper resonance of the universe.

In essence, it uses techniques from age-old practices such as yoga and meditation, acupuncture, kinesiology, Reiki, Gemstone and Diamond Therapy, and qi gong. By utilizing these techniques, you can non-invasively restore and maintain flow, balance, and harmony within an energy system via tapping, massaging, twisting or connecting specific energy points on the skin or points within your energy field.

Additionally, practitioners use methods that involve tracing the hand over the skin along power pathways or using specific exercises or postures designed for energetic effects.

Energy Medicine
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In my experience, I believe that energy medicine recognizes energy as a vital flowing force that can ultimately define and significantly relate to your overall happiness and health. Donna Eden, a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine, put it this way in a recent “Be Here Now Network” podcast:

“Energy runs through everyone, like electricity in a building. It keeps us moving, animating our muscles and bones and heart—everything. But unlike electricity, this life force has incredible intelligence. It is the foundation of all the body’s physical systems—the immune system, the respiratory system, the reproductive system, all of them—directing them in the amazing ways they keep us alive and thriving. The energy is far more intelligent than our brains. Energy medicine is the practice of tapping into this brilliant energy and mobilizing it for your health and well-being.”

In other words, to maintain vibrant health, the body needs its energies to move and have space to continue the movement. However, in many cases, toxins can block energies, or issues can arise when it comes to prolonged stress or interference from other energies. And when the body is not healthy, corresponding disturbances in its energies must be identified and treated.

Energy Medicine
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The Two Types of Energy Fields

Many people use energy medicine to treat illnesses and relieve pain. It’s also used to stop the onset of illness as soon as it begins, stimulating immune function, relieving headaches, releasing stress, enhancing memory, boosting digestive processes, relieving neck, shoulder and lower back pain and much more.

According to an Oprah.com article, there are two types of energy fields: veritable energy fields like light and sound, and that can be measured with the latest technology tools, and putative energy fields, which leans toward the notion that health is determined by the overall flow and balance of a person’s vital life force energy.

While putative energy fields have not yet been able to be measured by conventional methods – practitioners that work with this type of energy, including Gemstone and Diamond Therapy experts, have developed the ability to see it with second sight and can sense it with their hands.

In Gemstone and Diamond Therapy sessions, we work directly with the energies of your physical body, emotions, mind, memories, and intuition to help you move forward on your journey to greater health.

With other methods, such as acupuncture and Reiki, while helpful, these approaches tend to only clear away negative energy, leaving the “factory” that produces the negative energy intact. In other words, you may feel good temporarily, but the problem persists.

With Gemstone and Diamond Therapy, we take a holistic approach with spiritual tools to clear away the trauma, history, lifestyle, work, and other stress issues that block your natural Soul connection to the Divine. Together, we work to train your body to reduce or eliminate the dependency on that negative energy as fuel and release the unlimited power that comes from a direct blueprint connection.

Here’s another way I like to view the advantage of utilizing energy medicine: To truly heal, it’s necessary to remove your body’s subconscious reliance and need to draw and hold onto negative energy before tapping into your positive life force. In many cases, trauma can give you the need to feel powerful and draw energy from any source no matter how toxic. This is the same feeling some people get when they feel better at the expense of another person’s pain or suffering. This energy ultimately poisons you, which can leave you feeling more drained than ever.

Changing this habit can be similar to kicking a caffeine, sugar or drug habit, and you need to overcome the need for that energy in the first place.

Once you move from living off of “tainted” fuel to burning the limitless supply of positive growth energy, a transformation will occur. One of the most significant changes you will feel is the natural strength and confidence that comes from a clear blueprint connection. This strength purges and frees you of the need to constantly be on the defense and timid about every change.

Energy Medicine
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Energy Medicine Benefits

So what can energy healing ultimately do for you? Here are several reasons why you should learn more about it. Energy healing can help:

  • Restore your health. You can treat grave health issues including various cancers and chronic conditions, as well as mend muscular and skeletal injuries. In addition, you can restore balance to the basic systems of your body, including circulation and digestion, and encourage wellness and immunity.
  • Achieve your goals. You can establish a balanced heart-led approach to success that steers you to a richer existence. For starters, you can release old feelings – think guilt and regret – and start to overcome fears that frequently hold you back by causing you to work against yourself. You can then work to rebuild your self-confidence.
  • Live a more peaceful existence. You can more easily relieve the pain of depression and discover joy again in every day activities by releasing stress and replacing it with a renewed sense of self-confidence and peace. Energy medicine can help you dig deep down to the root of your anxiety and anger, help you heal it so you can move toward compassion and empathy, and start living a more serene life.
Energy Medicine
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Finding The Right Fit

Like any medical diagnosis, having a detailed understanding of the underlying causes of your symptoms is essential to creating the right treatment plan to ensure that the root of the issue is properly targeted and worked on. Information found on the web can almost certainly lead to the wrong diagnosis simply due to the rise of misinformation and more often than not, the similarity in symptoms for every root issue.

Moreover, medical information on the web is created for the masses and does not take into account our unique history, situation or challenges you are here to learn from and overcome.

You are unique. Your challenges are unique. Your energy problems are unique.  To solve your unique challenges you need a customized, unique energy solution that meets your specific needs.

Anything less is a burnout band-aid.

You were meant to Burn Bright Today. If you’re curious about what your unique energy solution looks like, I warmly invite you to take the first step in the right direction by booking a free consultation with us to better understand your underlying causes and we will work with you every step of the way to achieving a healthier, happier life. It’s the Burn Bright Way.

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