Have you heard the familiar saying, “follow your gut”? Did you know that it’s your stomach chakra talking to you? Have you ever had a lump in your throat when you can’t seem to articulate precisely what you want to say? It’s actually the feeling of a blockage in your throat chakra. Or, did you feel it in your heart when you were hurt in a relationship?

Welcome to the world of chakras. Considered energy centers as they are concentrations of our body’s energies, healthy chakras are vital for a happy and prosperous life. Chakras help us express ourselves in all ways possible.

Healthy chakras are necessary to keep us moving forward in life.

In other words, energy permeates wherever our attention goes, and our chakras signify crucial ways we interact in day-to-day life.

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Anatomy 101: A Look at the Basics

There are actually eleven (or more) chakras, but for now, let’s review the seven main chakras and the basics of their anatomy. Consisting of five key energetic parts, chakras do not relate to the human body’s physical anatomy. Rather, they involve the chakra vortexes, micro vortexes, chakra intelligence centers, the central chakra channel and chakra back doors.

Healthy chakra vortexes reach through your aura to its outer edge, intermingling with a person’s mind, emotions, memory, and intuition.

The crown chakra is at the top of the head, the brow chakra is located at the center of the forehead, and the throat, heart, and stomach chakras are at the throat, upper chest and stomach. The sacral chakra is positioned in the lower abdomen and the root chakra is just below our torso.

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The key to understanding the chakra vortexes is that they are “two-way streets” meaning that energy flows out, and must also flow in. On the outflow, chakras relate to what you think and how you feel about something. On the inflow, it’s the actual receiving of that information. Healthy chakras also help you get a better sense of what other people are thinking and feeling and help you connect with and process your wisdom to make wise choices

The way we live has a serious impact on our chakras. For instance, if you spend significant time each day sitting at a desk or in front a computer, it may result in scarce energy in the first two chakras, preventing critical supply and grounding for your whole system.


Supporting a Balanced Energy Flow

As mentioned earlier, the chakra system controls support and encourages our life experiences. And even though the chakra system doesn’t have a physical function per se, it is energetic, and indirectly impacts every physical function in our bodies.

Each chakra serves an essential role in our well-being. When one or more chakras aren’t working properly, we suffer the effects of poor chakra health. For example, negative experiences have a substantial impact because they tend to result in increased defenses, translating in suppression or contraction of the energy flowing through the chakras. This is what it means when you hear the phrase, “chakra blockage.” When a chakra is “blocked,” the quality and amount of energy it produces are significantly reduced.


The key to understanding the chakra vortexes is that they are “two-way streets” meaning that energy flows out, and must also flow in. On the outflow, chakras relate to what you think and how you feel about something. On the inflow, it’s the actual receiving of that information.


Here’s another way to look at chakras: when we have energy blocks, they disrupt the harmony of our body’s energy field.

Unfortunately, this can lead to mental, emotional or physical illness. Many factors can cause our chakras to become blocked, such as:

  • Emotional upset
  • Fear and stress
  • Negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Past experiences that we haven’t dealt with


It’s Time to Experience a Reopening: Chakra Healing Options

The goal of chakra healing is to support a balanced flow of energy throughout the entire body or on a specific area of the body. By focusing on healing chakras with Gemstone and Diamond Therapy, every system in the body can be vitalized and uplifted.

Typically, gemstones like Tanzanite, White Beryl and Blue Sapphire are used with the chakra system. Tanzanite supports chakra vitality and alignment; White Beryl brings in white light to clear chakras of unwanted energies; and, Blue Sapphire can help your chakras stay organized and work in tandem with each other.

Gemstones are powerful and beautiful healing tools because they respond to the energy flows in the form of color rays that are coursing through our bodies. If the energy is sluggish, the constant electrical vibrations of the stones can help to harmonize, balance and stimulate these energies.

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Do You Need Help Balancing Your Chakras?

As a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse and Certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Practitioner, It is my professional experience that every chakra is crucial to our lives, impacting our mental well-being when things aren’t working correctly.

As part of my approach, I take clients through an entire study of their lifestyle and energy. We discuss diet, love, and schedules, and evaluate and repair chakras and balance their color ray flows. I take every client one at a time, and my only goal is to help you feel better and help you get your life back. Together, we get to the root of the problem and eradicate the negative energy that is holding you down.

My approach works because most of the issues you are experiencing have a spiritual component. Gemstone and Diamond Therapy treatment is holistic and covers every aspect of your life – from your body, mind, emotions, and relationships to your spiritual and energy life.

Are you ready to get your life back? Click here.

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