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the Burn Bright Way™

Burnout Can Feel Like a Heavy Cloud Hanging Over Everything You Do. It can manifest in the body as fatigue, low energy, low sex drive, aches and pains, headaches and more. Psychologically, it can lead to running thoughts, anxiety, depression, and memory issues. Emotionally, you may feel hyper-vigilance, on edge, and even experience total meltdowns. To solve this problem, you need to fix the energetic causes of your symptoms. Psychology will try to change your thoughts, pharmaceuticals drug the pain, both of which gives temporary relief at best. The root cause remains. The reason you feel Burned Out is that you have lost the ability to release negative energy; in fact, you may be addicted to the very negative energy that is causing you pain.

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Your Life In This World.

At work, our lives have never been more connected yet less in touch. We live lives where we interact with thousands each day but struggle to trust someone. The feeling of being alone in a crowd is an all too familiar experience. Not helping the fact that personal lives, dating, and relationships have become disposable. It is so much easier to find a new hook up than it is to invest in the relationship you have because dating has become electronically game-ivied.

Things that used to be safe now can hurt you. These and along with other situational changes have left us vulnerable to predators, life events, and other trauma that creates emotional wounds affecting us in everything we do later. Hate your job? Your relationship? Difficulty sleeping? Irritable for no reason? All of these and more are simply your emotional scar showing through. All because the world is different. It has changed and it’s not going back.

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You Are Not Your Trauma.

It’s not your fault and its not permanent. Emotional wounds are not your fault but left untreated they feel like they become you. Its important to understand that these wounds are not your fault but they are still yours. You own them and they will keep influencing your life unless treated. Anyone that resonates with this can be assured that Jennifer speaks from experience that you can get back to the safe feeling of health and power no matter how you feel now.

In fact, it’s the trauma that will often trick you into thinking that you are permanently broken. The hurt that you feel is like a disease that wants to stick around. It convinces you that this place you are at is the new you and that you are just this kind of person (irritable, flighty, nervous, fearful, nonassertive). The pain will always try to convince you that this is who you are but there’s a person inside of you that is strong, healthy, powerful, and waiting to get past the hurt and move on with life.

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Burn Bright Means Recovery From:

Addiction and Self-Destructive Behavior – alcohol, drugs, sugar, stimulants, shopping, sex or even the need for power over others.
Trauma – PTSD, injuries, childhood or adult traumas that are holding you back.
Painful Separation – such as divorce, ending of a relationship with a partner, significant other, family member, job or career.
Grief – when we lose a family member, loved one or even a pet it create a wont to be healed.
Sexual Violation – rape, incest, intimidation, relationship lies, mislead into bed.

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Sometimes life knocks you on your ass… get up! Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.

– Dr. Steve Maraboli, Behavioral Scientist