The Importance of Self-Care


While stress is pretty much unavoidable in the world, from significant life disruptions to minor daily frustrations, being stressed out is simply a part of life. However, it’s when stress is severe that health issues can arise. This is where self-care comes in.

The Burnout Epidemic Part 3 | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle


As U.S. workers spend more than one-third of their lives working, a recent LinkedIn survey recently revealed that more than half of all professionals are continuously placing themselves at risk for worker burnout.

The Burnout Epidemic Part 2 | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle


In the digital age, connectivity adds to your workplace value. Being the first to arrive at work and being the last to leave is no longer making the cut for the employee of the month; however, bringing your work home after you’ve clocked out is. But, what happens when your work life starts to invade […]

The Burnout Epidemic Part 1 | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle

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2018 has thrown Hollywood into a whirlwind with the unpleasant number of celebrity suicides that have occurred. Notable fashion designer Kate Spade, world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, and Swedish musician, producer, and DJ Avicii are some of the most recent tragedies in celeb suicides, gaining worldwide coverage and condolences from millions of fans. While the news […]