The Importance of Healthy Grieving | Jennifer Marcenelle

The Importance of Healthy Grieving

For some people, though, it can take months or years to come to terms with a loss. Whether it’s the loss of a spouse, parent, child, friend, home, job, or career, it’s important to realize that there’s no “normal” period for a person to grieve.

Living Present In The Moment | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle

Living Present In The Moment

One of the gifts of the recent pandemic’s shelter-in-place has been to force us to reevaluate our careers, relationships, and goals in life. When we’re fully present in the moment and connected to divine guidance, we are able to release what’s happened in the past and stop worrying about the future because the only thing we can control and operate in is the present.

Why Do We Need Sleep? | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle


If your body is not in a genuinely restful sleep state, there’s no effective way for it to balance the numerous metabolic and other physiological processes, which reduce the toxins that we take in each day.

Is Snacking Good for You? | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle


Food has both negative and positive effects depending upon what you consume, how much you consume and the length of time you consume it. The optimal way to fuel your body is to space snacks and meals several hours apart and choose a healthy protein and carbohydrate each time.