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Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Diamond and Gemstone Therapy

Up-level Your Wellness Blueprint

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A Board Certified Holistic Registered Nurse and Certified Diamond Therapy and Gemstone Therapy Practitioner, Jennifer Jay Marcenelle introduced the merging of Diamond and Gemstone Therapy to the Holistic Nursing community, unlocking and expanding the practice holistic healthcare to facilitate health, happiness, and freedom with a primary focus on providing energy solutions that manifest practical, real-life results.

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Your world has changed, what do you do? Today the world has changed leaving thousands of potential situations for emotional trauma. At work, our lives have never been more connected yet less in touch. Personal lives, dating, and relationships have become disposable. Danger, things that used to be safe now can hurt you. The world has changed and it’s not going back.



Remove your body’s subconscious reliance on Negativity

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From: Stress, to Burnout, to Addiction to a Powerful Well-Being Organization.

burnout busting


Mastery in Standing In and Standing Strong

“2020 was officially the most stressful year in recent history, with a record-high 40% of adults worldwide saying they experienced stress during a lot of the previous day. The USA reported an increase in almost 9% points.”

2021 Gallup Global Emotions


Your Inner Connectivity Power

Your Blueprint Connection

“It is not until you change your identity to match your life blueprint that you will understand why everything in the past never worked.”
– Shannon L. Alder, Inspirational Author

Every physical system has counterparts in each of the subtle bodies and perform a similar energetic function. For example, your energetic circulatory system maintains the movement of energies, such as emotional energies and mental energies that are contained within your electromagnetic field. Improving the health of these energetic systems can significantly increase a person’s ability to self-heal. In order to achieve this, it is important to gain a better understanding of the major components of your blueprint connection.


Get stronger everyday

Diamond and Gemstone Healing

Diamond Therapy involves connecting a person with their blueprint by clearing the way of that blueprint via Gemstone Therapy so that vital healing information can come forward into a person’s life.

At Burn Bright Today, Gemstone Therapy focuses on energizing your body and mind, decreasing negative energy, and inflammation, freeing blocked emotions, reducing toxins and stress, and attracting positive energy.

Are You Ready To Eradicate A New Kind Of Burnout-Exhaustion?

In the past few months, we have seen the danger of letting our guard down too quickly. States lift restrictions only to re-impose them after another surge in Covid infections. Similarly, now is not the time for employers and business leaders to let their guard down when it comes to mental health. The stress and anxiety most of us have felt over the last year are not going to disappear magically. In some ways, it has worsened. Stress and burnout will undermine the recovery if we do not make well-being and mental health an urgent priority.

Just as we have seen the emergence of new variants of the virus, it also seems like we see new variants of burnout. Stress Awareness Month arrives at a perfect time for business leaders to be more mindful than ever of a holistic approach to well-being.

A new kind of burnout?

Gallup is out with a new report on what it calls The Wellbeing-Engagement Paradox of 2020. Their findings confirm and explain a pattern I’ve noticed with my individual corporate clients. When employees are engaged, burnout decreases, and productivity and well-being increase. Why? In almost every study on the topic, a sense of purpose and meaning rises to the forefront.

While engagement accelerated (to the shock of many), well-being and wellness plunged. Stress, worry, anxiety, beyond covid the disease permeated our conscious and subconscious stated. In the past, leader could rise up, solve problems, become innovators. But…now, the mojo seems to be gone even if they wanted to rise to the challenge. Exhaustion is the New Burnout.


Well-Being of All of You

Optimizing your lifestyle to be happy, healthy, and successful.

With the continuing uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are experiencing increased stress, anxiety, worries and fears. Many employers are concerned about how to help provide support to their employees.

A valuable resource for employers during times of crisis is the employee assistance program (EAP). A high percentage of companies have an existing EAP as a part of their employee benefits program. But…will the previous EAP approaches work?

During these unprecedented times, your employees may be dealing with a myriad of emotions such as stress, grief, uncertainty about the future and feeling isolated. As a business leader or a business owner, you may be considering providing resources to your employees that can help them navigate the current events. You may also be asking yourself if you have the tools and resources to support them as they continue to work remotely while juggling different priorities. Well…the latest information leads us to believe not. We have never been here before unless you are a wellness and Wellbeing expert. Burn Bright Today is that expertise and has guided countless organization through more than uncertainty…human potential exhaustion!


Get stronger everyday

Personal Power Badass

◦   Get Help: 911 – Energetic Emergency Support
◦   Mastery in Energy healing modalities – GS/DT/Reiki
◦   Spiritual care is a MJST to help you break this cycle of self medicating
◦   Time in Nature is a MUST – this is non-negotiable in 5D
◦   Clean Your House – Inner and Outer
◦   Divine Right Body Composition – Intuitive Eating – spiritually guided nutrition
◦   Recovery – even if you THINK you don’t have a problem – this isn’t about alcoholism- its about learning to acclimate to the new energies of your life without self medicating


Mind, Body, Beyond

Our Powerful 4/7 Day Well-Being Retreats

Increase your inner wellbeing and focuses on health and wellness, inside and out, enabling you to engage in gentle activities, indulging in pampering sessions and receiving advice from a team of registered professionals. Relax your body, calm your mind and rescue your spirit. Become the new and renewed leader.

What To Expect From The Burn Bright 7 Step Program.

The 7 Step Program to Burning Bright

  • Decrease anxiety and enjoy peace and calm.
  • Feel happy, healed and fulfilled.
  • Improve restful, restorative sleep, and wake refreshed.
  • Decrease mental stress such as running thoughts while increasing cognitive functioning.
  • Improve memory and your ability to more accurately interpret your memories to help you navigate your life today.
  • Recover and heal PTSD.
  • Recover and heal from toxic relationships, while balancing your present relationships.
  • Clear your vision and improve your ability to receive Divine guidance such as hearing the answers to your prayers.
  • Connect with your Life’s purpose and draw that destiny to you.
  • See and understand what has been holding you back all this time.
  • Feel more empowered and motivated daily to achieve goals.
  • Receive insights and lessons from your past experiences (including past lives) that are holding you back today.
  • Help you clarify your goals and take steps toward achieving them.
  • Understand and heal your energetic/karmic responsibilities that are affecting your life today.
  • Understand and heal your side of a tricky relationship and connect on a deeper level.
  • Take the next step to healing ongoing or stubborn illnesses or injuries.
  • Introduction to your personal team of spiritual guides, inner masters teachers, guardian angels, anyone you look to for inner support and Divine guidance.
  • Develop your own 1:1 relationship with your spiritual guides, inner masters teachers, guardian angels, those on your team that are always here to assist you.
  • Develop your own ability to communicate with your inner team to ask questions and receive inner guidance in real time as you need it.

Each step is critical and prepares your body for the next step to becoming well. Only when the toxins and allergens are removed from your body, can you begin Burning Bright.

  • The #1 cause of Burnout comes from an energetic imbalance of our relationships.
  • For an energy problem you need an energy solution.
    • Past sexual partners
    • Family, friends, co-workers
    • Yourself
  • Darkness can only consume you when you don’t or can’t shine your inner light.
  • If you have darkness around you, or are troubled by the darkness in others around you – this is a sign of a serious energetic and spiritual problem.
  • Restore and balance the flow of your Heaven and Earth energies.
  • Restore and illuminate your chakras including your Soul Star, Heaven Star and Earth Star Chakras.
  • Restore the Rhythm of Your Life, life-giving energies so you can move forward in life living in the brilliance of your inner light.
  • Now you can move forward in your life healed and wiser.
  • Beyond healing this step improves your strength and inner power, energetically and spiritually so that you can live a life of freedom, love and happiness.
  • Life is lumpy bumpy and our whole being requires on-going maintenance and repair.
  • Learn how to understand and create a relationship with you own energy field so you will know when you need maintenance, repair and/or nourishment.
  • Learn your own self-care.
  • Develop your own self-healing abilities.
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1-Minute Burnout Assessment

This assessment follows a University tested model and is intended to serve as a quick guide to help you get a feel for where you are at this time from the energy perspective. I invite you to take one minute to answer these questions honestly and authentically. Self-honesty is the first step to bringing change to your life. Once you have completed the assessment, you’ll receive a follow up email with your score, interpretation and suggestions for next steps.