Holistic Healing as the Solution to Your Business’s Personnel Challenges

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Although employees’ personal lives influence their professional lives one interaction at a time, the reality is that over more extended periods, the resulting patterns of interaction can unintentionally evolve into a toxic workplace environment. At that point, the personal issues of individuals have snowballed collectively into an existential challenge for the business. According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, workplace stress leads directly to burnout, which costs the United States roughly $300 billion a year, primarily due to its dramatic impacts on worker productivity, creativity, and retention.

As a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse and Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I’m trained in the types of wellness interventions that can bring a new level of understanding to both business leaders and their personnel, helping to align all members of your team with my Burn Bright Way Employee Assistance Program (EAP)™. And that work begins with a powerful, time-saving tool, the Bio-Well™ Device.

Our Bodies Give Off Electrical Energy: Here’s Why that Matters

Electromagnetic fields are all around us but invisible to the naked eye. As the World Health Organization explains, there are natural sources of electromagnetic fields produced by “the local build-up of electric charges in the atmosphere,” and there are human-made sources, like x-rays. Although people don’t generate electromagnetic energy to move the needle of a compass, our bodies still naturally generate enough electrical energy to allow for the use of biomedical devices capable of registering those low levels of electrical energy.

Magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) is an example of this electrical energy’s value in understanding our internal processes. As the National Institutes of Health (under the US Department of Health and Human Services) explain, MRI machines create a magnetic field, which causes the protons in our body to move around in an unusual pattern. Remember that protons are the subatomic particles of an atom with a positive charge, and electrons are the subatomic particles of an atom with a negative charge. Neutrons are neutral particles at the center of an atom.

These particles form the building blocks of electrical energy, the type of energy the neurotransmitters in our brains use to communicate with the rest of our bodies. Electrical energy enables MRI machines to be useful as medical devices, period. These tools, which offer diagnostic information through electric energy readings, all utilize the power of bio-electrography.

The Technology Behind the Bio-Well Device

Since the Bio-Well™ device harnesses the power of bio-electrography, a term most people aren’t familiar with, it makes sense that some people would be skeptical about if the technology works, especially if they aren’t familiar with the field of quantum physics or energy psychology.

I spent decades in the medical industry as a classically trained Emergency Department and Cardiovascular Critical Care Nurse and a clinical sales professional for hospital scientific laboratory equipment.

During that time, I developed an intimate understanding of how various medical equipment work. I also learned how much their use costs patients relative to their acquisition costs hospitals. And in that time, I realized that we could gain access to world-class medical care without paying world-class medical care prices.

Although people tend to be skeptical about an instrument that takes “energy readings”, a term we associate with pseudo-science and the occult, I can tell you that well-established scientific processes underpin the Bio-Well device’s energy readings.

We can understand the term “bio-electrography” a little better by breaking it down. “Bio-” refers to living matter, “electro-” refers to the energy of electricity, and “-graphy” indicates photography or some other form of capturing and representing something visually.

The Bio-Well™ device allows us to measure the energy patterns that arise when the stress in our brains gets turned into electrical signals sent to the rest of our bodies. Using this device, I can take snapshots of shifts in individuals’ physiology as I interview them, using information gained from the conversation in conjunction with Bio-Well readings to understand workplace dynamics better.

By bringing a Board-Certified Holistic Healer in as an objective third party, businesses gain experience managing workplace wellness transformations. And this change will help bring personnel into a united front aligned with business goals, but it also offers skills and insights that they can apply in all areas of their lives; that’s the power of holistic approaches. And the Bio-Well™ helps amplify gains while saving everyone time to reach a better path forward.

Holistic Healing at Your Business’s Path to Positive Transformation

Leading a company creates tremendous pressure, first and foremost, because people are people. Not only are you ultimately responsible for delivering your end of the bargain to consumers, but if you want to remain competitive, you must also shepherd your employees, keeping them on track and at their best. Otherwise, your business loses productivity, and you risk having your reservoirs of institutional knowledge jump ship.

This is especially true considering that the employment environment has changed dramatically. Now, data shows that 20% of workers report being “very or somewhat likely” to seek out a new job in the next six months.

Although I work one-on-one with individuals, I’m incredibly passionate about working with business teams collectively since workplaces can be such a transformative nexus of change. My Burn Bright Way Employee Assistance Program™ is all about delivering positive change to organizations and their members and evidence-based holistic approaches and technologies back it. My company, Burn Bright Today, LLC, was also recently awarded Best Wellness Center in Tomball for 2022.

To learn more about the Burn Bright Way™, the Bio-Well™ device, or the possibility of partnering to address your workplace challenges, please visit my website or email me directly at Jennifer@BurnBrightToday.com and schedule a consultation today! I look forward to meeting you.


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