Divorce. Sexual Abuse. Trauma

Energy Psychology for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and PTSD.

70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives

If You are going through a traumatic Experience.
You Are Not Alone.
We are here to Help.

Burn Bright Today since 2012 has helped 100s of pro conscious professionals overcome their trauma and live a happy, healthy and trauma FREE life. You can TOO. 


Want to find our How Energy Psychology has helped my clients to deal with the trauma that comes with Divorce. Get a Complementary Consultation to determine if we are a good fit.


If you are going through a shocking life events such as Loss, grief or betrayal, my coaching could possibly help you. How about having a complementary consultation with me?

Sexual Betrayal

Sexual abuse has been a silent pandemic not since 2020 but for generations. This experience can leave its finger prints on you if not addressed. Are you looking for a safe space for recovery? I have helped others and i think I may be able to help you as well.

Studies show that Energy Psychology is safe and highly Effective for anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD.

“To own your own happiness you must be willing to free yourself from the past and the stories and energies that no longer serve you”

– Teri Karjala

Let's Talk

20 Minutes Complementary Consultation

This call will not be a sales call. This will be an opportunity for each of us to determine if we are a good fit to work together. 


What People Say

Cynthia Dunn
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Grief, grief was the word that brought me to Burn Bright Today. Lifetimes worth of feeling endless... feelings of distraught and unworthiness. I had no pre assumptions of what this lady did or how she worked. All of my "Red Flag" internal messages to myself did not go up when I was in her presence. I did not make excuses to not fully subject myself into this work when I made my mind up to heal myself through this and take responsibility for my own actions and my own healing process. She is truly an enlightened, bright individual with a talent and skill set that is remarkable. I didn't allow my mind to question or be suspicious of the process because I "Knew" instinctually I was in the right place with the right practitioner. The work we did was fully energetic, but it also affected me so deeply, it expressed itself in my physical tissue as I integrated the changes and made the energetic changes throughout my life. She continues to teach me how to heal myself through my actions and thoughts and decisions and self awareness with all the tools the Earth provides. A Truly Remarkable Experience. If you are on a healing journey, please consider with an open mind connecting this company. It is very possibly a life changing experience. Best Wishes All, Stay Healthy.
Jaime Ponson
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Jennifer is a beautiful angel sent from above! Her work and healing abilities have brought much joy and inner peace. I have gone to her numerous times throughout the year and each visit I leave a stronger and more grateful woman. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help realigning chakras, releasing unwanted energies, healing your heart and wombs from the past - and or relationships and building boundaries for protection. Words can not express my appreciation for all she has done!! Many blessings to living an amazing and glorious life.
Dave Zubal
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Diamond and Gemstone therapy is the next generation of energy medicine. This is energy medicine like you have never seen it before. I have been going to Jennifer for 2 years and she is just amazing. I always feel great afterwards. And with her remote session option, you don't even need to come in to the center. You can have a session from anywhere in the world! Some people will say this is impossible but try one for yourself and you be the judge.
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