Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet? | Jennifer Jay Marcenelle

Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?
Did you know that humans aren’t the only ones that can experience stress? In fact, our cherished pets, such as cats, dogs, and even horses, can get stressed out or anxious for a wide range of reasons.

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Pets may experience stress related to unexpected loud noises (think fireworks or thunder), adapting to a new home, boredom, separation anxiety, or even loneliness. They can also feel stressed if they sense their territory is being threatened or due to conflicts with other animals under the same roof.

Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?

One of the biggest issues related to stressed-out pets is that it can lead to health problems, similar to what happens to humans. In pets, stress also increases the cortisol hormones in animals, and over time, this stress can lead to infections, sickness, and various diseases.

Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?
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Signs and Symptoms: Pets Suffering From Burnout

If your dog is experiencing anxiety or stress, there are numerous signs you may notice, such as:

  • Refusal of food
  • Stomach issues, like diarrhea
  • Stress yawning
  • Biting
  • Excessive shedding
  • Destructive chewing
  • Growling
  • Excessive barking
  • Accidents inside your home

And here are signs of common feline-related stress:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Marking their territory with scratching and urinating
  • Hiding or less interaction with humans or other pets in your home
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive grooming
  • Scratching or clawing furniture – even though they are trained to a scratching post

Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet? You can help minimize their suffering by watching them for a few days and looking for certain signs. Look for stress triggers that may be harming them, and observe how they respond to various objects, noises, situations, family members, or other pets under your roof.

How Does Your Energy/Stress-Level Impact Pets?

Animals have a number of ways of detecting their owners’ feelings. And contrary to popular belief, they are actually able to interpret what we say with our words. They also infer other ways we communicate, such as our body language, our vocal tones, and frequencies, as well as subtle signals we give off that we may not even be aware of.

Animals are aware when there are changes in our facial expressions, the way we move, and even our posture. Dogs are incredibly observant, especially when it comes to the humans they are closest to, they can sense when we are anxious through facial cues. They can also detect the tones in our voice, and they typically have a better sense of hearing. Many dogs can determine when you’re sad, excited, happy, or anxious based on your tone. Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet? It’s the right question to consider.

With this in mind, they may even be able to determine when you may react with frustration or anger when you may reward them if you are pleased–all by the tone of your voice.

Interestingly, dogs can also detect chemical changes in the human body with their keen sense of smell. Think about it, if we are stressed or anxious, many of us tend to sweat– often why we say dogs can “smell fear.” In fact, the ability for dogs to detect these chemical changes is why we commonly rely on dogs to warn us when someone will have a seizure or even detect diseases.

Even more interesting is that pets, especially cats and dogs have the ability to communicate with us telepathically. If this idea intrigues you, I recommend you read the true story: Kinship with All Life, by J. Allen Boone.

Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?
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Did you Know Your Pet is Here to Help You

Energy Medicine Practitioners such a Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Practitioners, Holistic Veterinarians and Professional Acupuncture specialists are keenly aware of how a client’s stress affects their pets.  In fact, our pets came here with a spiritual mission just as we have, and part of their mission is to help us achieve ours.

Many of our pets are also here to help us heal and in the course of loving and serving us every day they often take on our stress, anxiety, illness or disease.  I see this every day in my practice and one thing is certain; if you are experiencing burnout so are your pets. If you’re working with an energy medicine practitioner, I also urge you to provide this care for your pets as well. Just ask yourself Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?

How to Help Your Pet

If you sense your pet may be stressed or depressed, take a look at your daily routine and determine if there is something that you may be doing – perhaps unknowingly – that is causing an adverse reaction in your cat or dog. You may just be the change that is needed to give your animal some relief.

For example, I once hired a pet sitter to care for my Maine Coon kitties while I was out of town for a week. The sitter suffered from extreme anxiety which she unknowingly transferred to one of my kitties. When I returned home, one kitty was experiencing diarrhea which resolved as soon as I returned home and provided a Gemstone and Diamond Therapy session. I learned right away to be very discerning who comes around, feeds, or cares for my pets.

To create a stress-free environment for your pet, here are some helpful tips for the question Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?:

  • Develop routines. Pets can benefit from organization and schedules, just like humans. With a typical schedule, dogs, more specifically, won’t have to worry about when they’ll be fed, go on a leash walk, or when you will return home. This approach can help make them feel more secure, therefore, it will reduce stress levels.
  • Focus on daily exercise. Walks or playtime can help lower stress for both humans and animals. Spend time playing with your pet at least twice a day. Use toys and go on more walks.
  • Aim for mental stimulation. Use special toys (such as a feather wand for cats) to simulate hunting games. Or, for dogs, play hide-and-seek with toys or treats.
  • Keep things clean. Like humans, pets need a clean environment to minimize stress. Ensure that their designated area in your home is clean – including food bowls, water bowls, and litter boxes. Also, be sure to properly groom them when appropriate – this can also reduce stress.
  • Manage your own stress. In times of stress, we can unknowingly project our stress, anxiety, depression, or illness onto our pets. The best then you can do to care for your pet’s stress is to manage yours first.
Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?
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Consider Reducing Pet Stress With Holistic Treatments

The holistic way of thinking that is so vital to your pet’s wellness starts with the way we look at health.

For starters, everything is made of energy and energy powers everything. Each method and approach have its own definition of where energy comes from and what it means. Whether we use words like chakras, chi, life force, spirit, or even electrons, we are referring to energy. And free-flowing energy – and the critical role it plays – can be central in the holistic approach to healthcare in both humans and pets. Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet? by Jennifer Marcenelle is a thorough guide.

As I have noted in previous blogs, nothing happens without energy. For example, the appliances that make a home today comfortable depend upon its free and proper flow. Think about it: when too little electricity flows, appliances slow down and stop working. If too much electricity surges through them – or flows incorrectly – they malfunction or burn out.

Similar to the power that flows through a house, the energy that flows through living beings keeps vital systems functioning at their best. Your pet’s health and well-being depend upon his or her life energy being able to flow as it’s meant to. When their energy doesn’t flow well, physical problems can develop at the cellular level and conflict with crucial aspects of the body.

Also, whether stress is physical or mental in origin, it impacts every aspect of our pets’ health. Anxiety and stress deplete their energy and can damage tissues and push the body until it is unable to eliminate cellular by-products that can damage it. Unfortunately, too much stress can make a cat or dog vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, toxins, or parasites; weaken organs and vital systems; or turn his or her body against itself through autoimmune disease or cancer. Just consider the question Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?

The good news is that by taking a holistic approach and learning how to manage our pets’ stress, we can make a significant difference to their well-being.

There are numerous holistic treatments available for pets without the need to travel – and many of them options allow your pet to be treated from the privacy of your own home. Some of these include Reiki, and Gemstone and Diamond Therapy.

Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet?
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The Bottom Line

I leave you with a few the name of an inspiring book, Kinship with All Life b J. Allen Boone– and a Facebook group that I am a member of Animals are Soul Too. This concept has taught me that the spiritual path is a road of compassion – and at the end of the day, we all need to open our minds to the possibilities of true kinship with all forms of life.

Remember, always ask Is Your Negative Energy Harming Your Pet? and aim to give your cat or dog plenty of attention and love. In these unprecedented times, it can be easy to get stuck deep in your own stress and forget about your pet’s needs – at the end of the day, not only will it benefit your pet, but it will be good for you, too.

If you are new to energy medicine and would like to give it a try, I warmly invite you to receive my gift to you – a free, group, remote (telemedicine – by phone) basic Diamond and Gemstone Therapy session. Until next month, Burn Bright my friends.

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