Living Present In The Moment

As a result of recent COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no denying that most of us have been running at a pace – mentally, emotionally, and physically – that is unsustainable and too fast for us to handle.

Living Present In The Moment

And in doing so, we’ve been putting far too much attention on our mind.

Japanese have a term for this notion – Karoshi, which means “working to death.” From my personal and professional experience, it’s not a healthy way to build your career and achieve your goals in life. Living by the ethos of “we can sleep when we’re dead” is no longer sustainable or acceptable.

Living Present In The Moment

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The Holistic Reasons Behind Why It’s Essential

This year, 2020, is a four-universal year. Number four regulates four seasons and four walls of our inner and outer home. This is from Astro-Numerological perspective and why we have been requested to stay in our homes. In fact, it’s a gift from the cosmos to force us to take a pause from our jetport, 5G lives. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit doesn’t work at 5G.

When we take this approach, our mind only operates in third dimension and fourth level of heaven. It can’t go any higher than four levels of heaven. So, in 5G life, our mind has out created  Soul – our divinity – and has created an illusion that is simply unattainable.

One of the gifts of recent pandemic’s shelter-in-place has been to force us to break this karmic pattern. How interesting that cosmos had to step in with a global event to force everyone to take a step back and reflect.

So, what happened is that we got scared, we were forced to stay at home and forced to face our issues at hand, like relationships, kids, finances, careers, and more.

In fact, shelter-in-place has been a golden opportunity. We’ve been in our homes. Not just our physical houses, but been forced to go to our true home, our inner self that part of us that is Divine. It has forced us to reconnect with our spirituality because people need to meditate and reflect to ultimately succeed. It’s also a way to connect with the Divine that will help clear your mind and allow you to refocus on how to solve issues at hand that you have been avoiding.

Living Present In The Moment

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Only in our soul body and divinity can we access higher levels of heavens. But only through meditation and reflection – and living in present and moment – can we truly achieve Divine guidance and spirituality.

When we’re fully present in moment and connected to divine guidance, we are able to release what’s happened in past and stop worrying about future because only thing we can control and operate in is present.

It’s been an incredible and unexpected gift that the universe has given us. Why? Because it has forced us to live in the moment and focus on our issues instead of avoiding them. We’ve been forced to work through our grief, release relationships, and finally heal. Personally, it has made me evaluate my circle of friends and to let go of the ones that do not treat me with the same love, respect, and dignity that I give them.

By taking time to evaluate my relationships and end toxic ones, I have now opened up space for people that share same respect and values that I have, and it has made me a lot healthier and happier. In accordance with Living Present In The Moment and old adage “out with old in with new,” I’ve been blessed with new friends that have now come into my life.

For this to occur, I had to make room for them.

Living Present In The Moment

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A Real-World, Relatable Moment

In my practice, I have a client who’s a Vietnam war veteran who has had years of psychiatric care for PTSD. Despite all the care that’s he’s received, his present moment consisted of a trauma from when he shot and killed so many people during his time there. From that traumatic, painful wartime experience, it was so emotionally and spiritually damaging to him energetically, that he’s still living every moment as if it was today despite the war being 40 years ago. Living Present In The Moment helps you to live a healthy life.

This client still can’t get passed these events as he had multiple injuries to his energy field and was unable to live in the moment because he was still tied to the past.

The bottom line: he simply wasn’t able to function, and as a result, had a terribly strained relationship with his wife. He was unable to live in present and have hope for future because he was still tied down to his past. When you have an energetic injury of this magnitude, there are no surgical or physical solutions that can help. Because at the end of day, for any energy problem, you need an energy solution.

Fortunately, after a few sessions with Diamond and Gemstone Therapy, and with the assistance of his spiritual guides, energetic anomalies were repaired, and he was able to heal his thoughts, memories, and emotions – all of which dramatically shifted his life.

Once he was able to live present and, in moment, and gained the ability to connect to the Divine, he was for the first time able to begin his healing journey and start creating the life of his dreams.

Living Present In The Moment

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Living in the Now

The only moment that we ever really have, is this moment right now. This doesn’t mean that you won’t face challenges in life. But by living present in the moment, you can more easily draw from the wisdom of past experiences, and be able to handle any challenges thrown your way in a proper and healthy approach.

If you have had some type of traumatic experience, there may be an energetic cause. For example, you may have a past trauma that’s keeping you from being fully present in the moment which, in turn, is preventing you from dreaming and planning for the future.

If this resonates with you or your loved ones, please know there is hope. Fortunately, there is a cutting-edge, holistic technology available for you to try. Contact us for our Diamond and Gemstone group sessions or call for a free consultation for a more personal, one-on-one call to discuss Living Present In The Moment.

Right now, everyone seems to be experiencing some type of pain and are searching for help. But they don’t know where to go or look – now they do.

About the author : Jennifer Jay Marcenelle

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