From Burning Out To Burning Bright

When it comes to burnout, Jennifer has a simple philosophy: take your life back by putting your Highest Self in charge and learning how to heal your injuries from the inside out. At the age of forty-four, she experienced a health crisis resulting after years of anger and frustration from trying to please and meet the unrealistic expectations of others. This experience led her on a journey of self-responsibility and healing, one that changed her life forever. She has since devoted her career to helping people get their lives back. One client described her as “a clear facilitator for health and healing,” while another declared her to be “truly gifted in energy medicine.” Jennifer is a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse with advanced training in various modalities. Her practice is completely unique. She provides highly-skilled therapy sessions which combines the all-natural and cutting-edge technologies of Gemstone and Diamond therapy, with the cognitive restructuring technique of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A truly holistic practice, she addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual causes of burnout. When she’s not with a client, you can find her speaking to corporations, universities, small groups, churches, and everyday business professionals across the nation while helping them discover their own solution to burnout and demonstrating how holistic nursing therapy can help them make incremental and profound changes to transform their lives.

98% of hospital nurses said their work is physically and mentally demanding with 41% saying they have considered changing hospitals during the past year due to burnout.

Sourced from AMN Healthcare


Tired of Feeling Burned Out, Run Down, and Moody?

My guess is that you’ve tried a few things to deal with your stress. You feel more and more exhausted even after a good night’s sleep but you brush it off thinking it just means you’re getting older or working too hard. Maybe you’ve gone to your doctor or asked friends about how to handle the feeling of being run down all the time. But nothing works. I’ve been there, and I’ve helped thousands of clients go from burned out to burning bright. The good news is that its not your fault and you can fix it.

Today, there is a trifecta of problems that conspire to slow you down. The three deadly signs are Anxiety, Stress, and Exhaustion. The anxiety winds you up, the stress keeps you there, and the exhaustion you feel as a result takes away any ability to handle the first two problems. This makes for a vicious cycle.

Many people in your position turn to medication almost immediately to help them sleep yet still feel run down the next day. A doctor’s training tells them the next step is to subscribe you to serious psychotropic drugs to treat depression (yet the most popular anti-depressant, Abilify, was not even approved for the treatment of depression by the FDA). You don’t have to go down that path. There is a better way. The natural way. The Burn Bright Way.

I take a completely customized approach with my clients to give you back your quality and zest for life without medication. Don’t accept chronic mood swings and exhaustion as normal. It is not “you just getting old” or “just a part of life” as there is a base cause to your problems that I can help you fix.

I look at everything from your diet, personal life, sleep, family, goals, energy, chakras, and spiritual life and use a holistic approach to finally give you the energetic life you deserve. My background is medical, and my passion is freeing the negative energy from your spirit. As a result, I truly have a holistic approach to health unlike any other. Don’t waste another second feeling this way. If you’re tired of being tired, I know exactly how you feel.

Ask for help. Be true to yourself and invest in your inner light today.


If you have experienced some of the following problems, you are suffering from burnout.


Uncontrolled or sensitive emotions like quick to fear or temper.


Stress and anxiety for no external reason that goes away as fast as it comes.

Running Thoughts

Inability to shut your mind off. You have constant thoughts especially at night.

Mental Fatigue

Constantly feeling on edge or overwhelm as if there is something you’re forgetting.


You feel moody constantly and react to people differently than you think you should.


The inability to trust your instincts when making an important decision.


Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep.


Lost of excitement and interests in things that used to excite you.

The Wall

You're unable to solve problems and provide ideas as fast as you used to.


Why My Approach Works

I take clients through an entire study of their lifestyle and energy. We discuss diet, love, schedules and things like energy and chakras are evaluated and repaired. I take every clients one at a time and my only goal is to make you feel better. I get to the root of the problems and eradicate the negative energy that is holding you down and causing your burnout. Only energy work combined with my multi-system approach truly fixes the problem you are feeling.

My approach works because most of the problems you are experiencing have a spiritual component. Any treatment that does not include the spirit will simply fail. But my treatment is holistic and covers every aspect of your life. From your body, mind, emotions, and relationships, to your spiritual and energy life. The benefits of this holistic approach are to get to the heart of the problem rather than resorting and succumbing to a drug based band-aid solution that only treats the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes. It’s your time to burn bright today.


Restorative Transformation

This package includes a comprehensive initial assessment and customized treatment plan that starts your journey from feeling burned out to burning bright. This is the first step to your total wellness. Only available in one-on-one sessions to focus on you and only you.


Couples Love and Harmony

Even the most loving relationships can become toxic. Arguments and conflicts can sometimes surface almost automatically as if driven by an unseen force. This package includes a comprehensive assessment to target the roots of your relationship and rekindle your love.


Pet Anxiety and Solutions

Your furry loved ones can be easily affected by your energy and emotions. We work with pets of all kinds to balance their energy and free them from their emotional blocks in order to achieve a healthier mental well-being and energetic attitude.