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The Solution To The Toxic Burnout Epidemic

The world has changed. Despite an increase in access to technology, wealth, freedom, and advantages that should technically increase a person’s quality of life, we are all burning out in record numbers. But it’s not our fault. Experts have connected this stress, anxiety, and exhaustion trifecta problem to higher amounts of divorce, sickness, crime, arguments, chronic pain, and even job losses. But there is hope. You can reverse this. You can make a change. Your life can be fulfilling, joyous, and stress-free by getting to the root of the problem. Begin your journey here as you learn how to spot the symptoms and triggers for burnout and how we can help reverse the problem in a chemical-free and holistic manner. It’s time for you to Burn Bright Today.

Almost 50% of physicians experience symptoms of serious job burnout, attributed in part due to the demands and stress of patient care, long hours, and increasing administrative burdens associated with practicing medicine.

Sourced from The American Medical Association


If you have experienced some of the following problems, you are suffering from burnout.


Uncontrolled or sensitive emotions like quick to fear or temper.


Stress and anxiety for no external reason that goes away as fast as it comes.

Running Thoughts

Inability to shut your mind off. You have constant thoughts especially at night.

Mental Fatigue

Constantly feeling on edge or overwhelm as if there is something you’re forgetting.


You feel moody constantly and react to people differently than you think you should.


The inability to trust your instincts when making an important decision.


Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep.


Lost of excitement and interests in things that used to excite you.

The Wall

You're unable to solve problems and provide ideas as fast as you used to.

People are most likely to experience burnout in the face of conditions such as unrealistically high workloads, low levels of job control, incivility, bullying, administrative hassles, low social support, poor organizational resources, stressed leaders, and negative leadership behaviors.

Sourced from The Harvard Business Review

Take A Stand For Your Health.

First, recognize the fact that it’s not your fault. The world has become faster, more divisive, and we are all under more pressure than ever before. You are sensitive to the energy around you. The 24-hour news cycle is designed to keep us constantly on the edge, thereby putting us in a state of constant vigilance. You likely also have people relying on you to keep it together for them, which prevents you from getting any chance to relax.

Pills, Pills, Pills.

With the constant lack of time in our schedules, we’ve all succumb to “quick fixes” and chemical solutions to combat our weariness and to keep our minds and bodies going way beyond its limits without any care or concern. Pharmaceutical companies know this and depend on this very mindset to encourage us to consume more chemicals that only cause more harm than good. This is why one of the most over-prescribed drugs today is Abilify.

Nasty Little Secret.

The top-selling anti-depressant in America today is Abilify. In fact, it was only approved by the FDA as an anti-psychotic and never properly tested as an anti-depressant. Moreover, it is barely effective and it comes with a grocery list of side effects. Keeping in mind that I come from a strong medical background, I am familiar with the side-effects of the drug and the more I saw, the more I realized that a preventive and holistic approach was more effective at helping clients.

You Can Do Better.

To help identify people’s risk factors for depression and suicide, health care providers use the Hamilton Scale that consists of 17-20 sections with a scoring system of over 100 points. Getting better sleep will move you up by 6 points on this scale. Regular sex and a good diet do wonders too. On the other hand, Abilify and other anti-depressants in the best clinical trials will only move you up by 1.8 points at the very most. You can do better. Begin your journey with us today.

1-in-8 student clients said sleep was a problem for them, a rate that is 30% higher than those needing help for alcohol, and almost three times the rate of students who needed help from counseling centers to overcome drug abuse.

Sourced from The Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State University


Why My Approach Works

I take clients through an entire study of their lifestyle and energy. We discuss diet, love, schedules and things like energy and chakras are evaluated and repaired. I take every client one at a time and my only goal is to make you feel better. I get to the root of the problems and eradicate the negative energy that is holding you down and causing your burnout. Only energy work combined with my multi-system approach truly fixes the problem you are feeling.

My approach works because most of the problems you are experiencing have a spiritual component. Any treatment that does not include the spirit will simply fail. But my treatment is holistic and covers every aspect of your life. From your body, mind, emotions, and relationships, to your spiritual and energy life. The benefits of this holistic approach are to get to the heart of the problem rather than resorting and succumbing to a drug based band-aid solution that only treats the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes. It’s your time to Burn Bright Today.


Restorative Transformation

This package includes a comprehensive initial assessment and customized treatment plan that starts your journey from feeling burned out to burning bright. This is the first step to your total wellness. Only available in one-on-one sessions to focus on you and only you.


Couples Love and Harmony

Even the most loving relationships can become toxic. Arguments and conflicts can sometimes surface almost automatically as if driven by an unseen force. This package includes a comprehensive assessment to target the roots of your relationship and rekindle your love.


Pet Anxiety and Solutions

Your furry loved ones can be easily affected by your energy and emotions. We work with pets of all kinds to balance their energy and free them from their emotional blocks in order to achieve a healthier mental well-being and energetic attitude.