Your First Step ToBurning Bright


The Burn Bright Way

Burnout Can Feel Like a Cloud Hanging Over Everything You Do. It can manifest in the body as fatigue, low energy, low sex drive, aches and pains, headaches and more. Psychologically it can lead to anxiety, depression, irritability, lack of emotional wellbeing, hyper-vigilance or being on edge, and even total meltdowns.

To Solve This Problem, You Need to Fix The Energetic Causes of Disease. Psychology will try to change your thoughts, pharmaceuticals drug the pain, this only gives temporary relief at best. The root cause remains. The reason you feel Burned Out is that you have lost the ability to release negative energy; in fact, you may be addicted to that negative energy that is causing you pain.

As a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse and Certified Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Associate Practitioner, I provide highly-skilled, efficient and effective Gemstone and Diamond Therapy sessions that work directly with the energies of your physical body, emotions, mind, memories, and intuition to help you move forward on your journey to greater health.

We Need More Than Energy Work. To solve energy issues many people, turn to energy practices like Acupuncture and Reiki. But these methods only clear away negative energy, leaving the factory that produces the energy still in place. You feel good temporarily but then the problem remains. I use spiritual tools to clear away the trauma, history, lifestyle, work, and other stress issues that block a natural soul connection building up the negative energy in the first place. Together, we train your body to lose the dependency on that negative energy as fuel and release the unlimited power that comes from a direct soul connection.

Even Yoga and Exercise Can Only Provide Temporary Relief By Moving Your Energy but to fully fix your burnout, it’s necessary to remove your spirit’s need to draw and hold onto negative energy and to gather all your spiritual fuel positively.

Often Trauma Can Give You the Need to Feel Powerful and Draw Energy From Any Source No Matter How Toxic. This is the same feeling some get when they feel better at other’s pain. This energy ultimately poisons you. Leading to anger, jealousy, and resentment, which leaves you feeling more drained than ever before. Kicking this habit is like kicking caffeine, sugar or drugs, you need to kick the need for that energy in the first place. When you heal the trauma the desire for power and negative energy goes away.

Once You Move From Living Off Tainted Fuel to Burning the Limitless Supply of Positive Growth Energy, A Transformation Occurs. One of the greatest changes you will feel is the natural strength and confidence that comes from a clear soul connection. This strength rids you of the need to constantly be on the defensive scared of every change. You will drop those defenses recovering the energy they were draining because your natural soul strength makes you feel safer than you’ve ever felt. I first experienced this myself and later with my clients.

Clients Report:

  • No need to put up defenses or react with fear
  • Being naturally happy all day
  • Being resilient emotionally
  • Able to handle stress without reacting
  • More energy on less sleep
  • They look younger and radiant
  • Better relationship with partners and children
  • Weight loss
  • Much more

Burnout-related turnover may cost healthcare systems up to $1.7 billion annually for hospital-employed physicians and up to $17 billion across the entire nation, crippling an industry that is needed more than ever.

Sourced from The National Taskforce for Humanity in Healthcare


From Burning Out To Burning Bright

For your health and the health and happiness of the ones you love, be true to yourself and invest in a Burning Bright package today.

Restorative Transformation

People always ask me how to get my energy. They want high energy in their body, mind, and soul. To feel truly free with, a piece of mind and happiness. To have limitless supplies of naturally high energy not the edginess that comes from stimulants. I am here to facilitate your journey to Burn Bright. This first package includes the comprehensive assessment and first treatment that starts your journey from burned out to burning bright. This is the first step to your total wellness. After the first assessment, the client needs a number of sessions based on how serious the imbalance and blocks are.

Included in your first session:

  1. Comprehensive assessment: I evaluate your body, memories, thoughts, and emotions, to identify the blocks that are holding you back.
  2. Energy Clearing Session: Leave the stress of the world behind and proceed with your day feeling fresh.
  3. Electro Magnetic Radiation Clearing: Remove the harsh energies of EMR that may be weighing you down and contributing to chronic aches and pains.
  4. Negative Thoughts Cleanse: Free your space of negative thoughts, feelings, and energies that torment, weigh you down and steal your joy.
  5. Develop A Restorative Plan: Including a number of sessions and stages of healing.

You will leave this first session with newfound joy and energy armed with the tools and understanding to begin your journey to burning bright. Every case is different and the number of sessions needed to fully clear away the building blocks of negativity can vary depending on the amount of trauma or stress we need to overcome.

Couples Love and Harmony

Even the most loving relationships can become toxic and it’s no one’s fault. You might find that arguments and conflicts surface almost automatically as if driven by an unseen force. Because it is. When a couple shares their life they also share energy. Trauma and life stress can create a tangled web of toxic energy flow that both people start to rely on to keep going, even while it hurts them. You may even be considering leaving but know you will only repeat the same cycle with the next partner. When you have a regular conflict with your partner it’s usually not about the subject your fighting about, but an underlying energy cause. This negative cycle will lead to anger, resentment, jealousy, feeling drained and ultimately will hold you back from making any physical, career or spiritual progress in life, unless the relationship changes or breaks up. But if you treat the problem between you it solves the problem. This is a couple’s package that focuses on the individual treatment of both parties.

Included in your first session:

  1. Have An Initial Assessment covering both lives and shared experiences.
  2. An Individual Cleansing of negative energy for both partners.
  3. Assess And Identify the underlying relationship of energy dependence.
  4. Unlocking the codependent toxic stress and trauma to start healing.
  5. Develop A Plan to align the energy in the relationship to share the same vision.

When the couple’s dreams are in harmony and don’t conflict, the couple can resonate at a very deep level. Only by treating a couple on an individual setting can we release all these blocks and align the energies. Your relationship pain can be addressed by simply locating and clearing the blocks to your happiness and help both people learn how to draw and share positive energy between them. To become a team that is nourishing and supporting and protecting each other on your journey together.

Pet Anxiety and Solutions

Most pet caretakers will agree that there is a special, unexplainable connection that exists between them and their animal companions, a sort of unconscious bond that cannot easily be put into words. Because they are not distracted by a constant barrage of thoughts and concerns, our pets are, in a sense, more broadly aware than we are, and thus can perceive energy differently than we do. They are thereby keenly tuned in to our emotions and are deeply affected by them because at the energetic level, there is no difference between them and us. I have worked with pets of all kinds balancing their energy and freeing up their blocks. Our companion animals are joining us in our spiritual journey in this life and deserve the freedom from toxic stress that they absorb from their owners in today’s world.

5 Sure Signs Your Dog Is Experiencing Your Burnout:

  1. Diarrhea, constipation or other digestive issues
  2. Decrease in appetite
  3. Oversleeping
  4. Aggression toward people or animals
  5. Isolation or escape attempts

9 Sure Signs Your Cat Is Experiencing Your Burnout:

  1. Urinating outside the litter box
  2. Clawing furniture
  3. Excessive grooming
  4. They stop grooming altogether
  5. Excessive scratching
  6. Decreased appetite
  7. Oversleeping
  8. Diarrhea, constipation or other digestive issues
  9. Hiding more than usual

45% of millennial workers say they sometimes feel burned out at work, suggesting that about 7 in 10 millennials are experiencing some level of burnout on the job and twice as likely to strongly agree that the demands of their job interfere with their family life.

Sourced from a 2018 Gallup Study on Performance Management


If you have experienced some of the following problems, you are suffering from burnout.


Uncontrolled or sensitive emotions like quick to fear or temper.


Stress and anxiety for no external reason that goes away as fast as it comes.

Running Thoughts

Inability to shut your mind off. You have constant thoughts especially at night.

Mental Fatigue

Constantly feeling on edge or overwhelm as if there is something you’re forgetting.


You feel moody constantly and react to people differently than you think you should.


The inability to trust your instincts when making an important decision.


Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep.


Lost of excitement and interests in things that used to excite you.

The Wall

You're unable to solve problems and provide ideas as fast as you used to.