Clear Your Path To Success Remote Package | Jennifer Marcenelle

Duration: Three 90 Minutes Sessions Package

Session Style: Remote Session via Zoom® Conferencing

For who?: Individual

Perfect for clearing negative energy from the physical body.


Clear negative energy from physical body, thoughts, memories, and emotions that are holding you back. Evaluate, clear, repair and nourish the 7 main chakras, reconnect with Earth Star Chakra – all to get you unstuck and moving forward in life, relationships or career. Helps you attract the best energetically, be the best vibrationally, and discern what is best for you and your career to create lasting success.

Package includes:

• Comprehensive Energy Clearing

• Chakra repair or Earth Star connection (separate sessions)

• Integration, Debrief with Self-Care Plan

• Complimentary follow-up coaching session via Zoom® Conferencing

To determine which option is best for the journey, Contact Jennifer Today For Your Consultation.

Clear Your Path To Success Remote Package


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