Comprehensive Energy Clearing


30 Minutes Per Session

Session Includes:

  • Balancing of Five Chinese Elements
  • Energy Clearing Spray Bundle Pack 2oz
  • Clearing unwanted energy at all levels of manifestation
    • Subatomic
    • Atomic
    • Cellular
    • Molecular
    • Organ
    • System
    • Emotions
    • Thoughts
    • Memories
    • Intuition


Problem: Have you ever had a bad day at work and just couldn’t shake it off? Or received sad news you just couldn’t let go of?  Perhaps you’ve received a nasty email, social media post or been chewed out by your boss or co-worker? It is a well-known fact – We are energy.  We are made of energy.  During the course of our day, we exchange energy with everyone and everything around us including the unwanted energies of other people and the situation around us. Our aura is our energetic space and it’s up to us to keep it clear.  Serious unwanted energy may need to be removed at deeper levels.

Solution:  Gemstone and Diamond Therapy can provide a quick and easy way to clear these unwanted energies, replenish lost energy stores to keep you operating at your best.  After all, why let a difficult situation at work ruin your weekend or your time with a loved one?


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