I Have Issues-How Soon Can I Start?!?! Best Energy Clearing Remote Package

Duration: Three 90 Minutes Sessions Package

Session Style: Remote Session via Zoom® Conferencing

For who?: Individual


Best Energy Clearing Remote Package

It is the best Energy Clearing Remote Package and perfect for those familiar with energy medicine work who are ready and raring to tackle an issue with an illness, injury or life issue.


Takes healing to the next level by clearing all of the negative power you are ready to let go of at the time, evaluates and repairs energetic injuries with color ray nourishment and restoration to restore the rhythm of your life. Helps you attract energetically, vibrationally, and discern what is best for you.

Best Energy Clearing Remote Package for you.


Package includes:

• Comprehensive Power Clearing

• Comprehensive Energy Field Repair and Restoration with Gemstones and Diamonds

• Integration, Debrief with Self-Care Plan

• Complimentary 15 min follow up coaching session via Zoom® Conferencing

To determine which option suits for your journey, Contact Jennifer Today For Your Consultation.


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