Our Family Could Have Our Own Reality Show (Remote Package)


Duration: Eight 90 Minutes Sessions, two per family member.

Session Style: Remote Session via Zoom® Conferencing of up to 4 family members

For who?: Up to 4 family members, or 3 family members and one pet. Dogs, cats or horses. Horses are treated in-person only.

Supports a family while honoring the individual needs of each family member in a confidential manner.


Flexible with family schedules. Ideal add-on for a family vacation where each member of the family can receive their own healing sessions in the comfort and enjoyment of their vacation environment. Can be utilized over a period of six months. Helps each family member attract what is best for them energetically, be the best they can vibrationally, and discern what is best for them.

Package includes:

• Comprehensive Energy Clearing

• Comprehensive Energy Field Repair and Rejuvenation

• Integration, Debrief with Self-Care Plan

• Complimentary 30 min follow up coaching session via Zoom® Conferencing


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