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Telemedicine During COVID-19
As part of the approach, physicians and patients can now share information in real-time from one screen to another, and they can even capture and analyze readings from medical devices in remote locations.

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As people around the globe are now being urged to shelter in place (please stay home!), telemedicine is becoming increasingly vital. In fact, because our medical professionals must remain healthy, the need for remote technologies has soared this past month.

Telemedicine During COVID-19

Many federal health agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are taking significant steps to make telemedicine during the COVID-19 crisis easier on both anxious patients and physicians.

The federal government has reduced a significant cost barrier for telemedicine adoption by smaller physician practices as it declared Medicare and Medicaid would pay the same rates for virtual visits as for in-office appointments. It has also temporarily eased regulations to allow the use of their mobile devices for virtual visits.

In addition, the FDA has opened up telemedicine guidelines, now allowing healthcare providers to use consumer health devices to remotely monitor patients. Telemedicine During COVID-19 is a thorough guide.

The new policy allows doctors to utilize devices that measure body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. There are many other scenarios, as well. For example, some providers are using sophisticated telemedicine systems that allow for a secure screen-to-screen conversation between patient and provider, with features that place patient information directly onto virtual charts. And there are also additional visual options available – think Zoom and Facetime.

Telemedicine During COVID-19
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Smart Approach: Telemedicine During COVID-19 Usage Rising

Telemedicine allows patients to more easily access healthcare and be treated remotely by a provider using everyday technologies, like a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

Doctors can reach patients and/or their family members via video visits to provide care and address patient needs as a disease progresses. As part of the approach, physicians and patients share information in real-time from one screen to another, and they can even capture and analyze readings from medical devices in remote locations.

And there is incredibly smart logic for telemedicine care right now. A person with possible COVID-19 symptoms often presents with a fever and a dry cough – other symptoms can be difficulty in breathing, lethargy, and loss of smell and taste.

Telemedicine During COVID-19 can help by allowing healthcare providers to safely and efficiently assess and identify potentially infected patients – whether via video conferencing or text communications.

If a patient exhibits as high-risk for contracting COVID-19 – or has been diagnosed with it based on symptoms – he or she will most likely be urged to stay home and self-quarantine. In these scenarios, virtual consults help doctors keep a watchful, safe eye on disease progression, allowing them to treat and monitor patients with milder cases and determine who is sick enough to send to a hospital.

Furthermore, these patients won’t be as much of a risk to the healthcare providers who might otherwise be exposed. As more healthcare workers fall sick (and even die), the need to protect the frontline is increasingly critical.

Telemedicine During COVID-19
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How Does Telemedicine During COVID-19 Affect Healthcare And Holistic Care?

Western medicine is catching up to how energy healers have practiced for eons.

Telemedicine, known in energy medicine as “distance” or “remote” healing, has been widely practiced for eons. Distance healing is any kind of healing offered by a practitioner that “travels” beyond time and space with the intention of providing positive, healing and therapeutic energy.

Yes, it’s true – a practitioner does not need to be physically present in order for healing to happen. Actually, we’ve all been experiencing distance healing all of our lives – anytime we send or receive prayer or “send good vibes.” Both of these examples are very basic ways we can offer our awareness, love, and manifestation to direct good vibes, essentially healing to others.

However, energy medicine practitioners are held to much higher ethical and professional standards. Alongside our innate and learned abilities to heal high vibrational healing energies, lies tremendous responsibility and accountability to release the outcome. As the healer is not the one actually doing the healing, energy medicine practitioners do not make healing claims or promise outcomes.

In other words, energy medicine practitioners are trained and skilled at placing themselves at a high level of consciousness that works above the mind, directly with the intuition and divine guidance.

Telemedicine During COVID-19
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What Is A Distance/Remote Healing Session Like?

In my experience, prior to entering a session with a client, I place myself in a higher state of consciousness where I work directly with my intuition, divine guidance and connect directly with the healing energies of Gemstones, Diamonds, and Reiki.

After receiving express permission from my client, I then connect with my client’s energy field over telephone or video.  It is very important that I hear what they are going through, learn what they think is happening and why. From there, a healing intention is set for the session.

A combination of NLP, Reiki, Gemstone and Diamond Therapy sessions can treat the energetic causes of virtually any injury, illness, disease or life issue. For example, “I wish to clear and release any negative energy I am ready to let go of it this time.”  Or, “I wish to have normal, healthy blood pressure.” Or, “I wish to reduce my anxiety, fear or panic and experience peace, calm and happiness” or “I would like to have clear direction on my career path or finances.”

As a client holds their intention lightly in mind, their energy field shuffles bringing forth whatever energetic causes need to be addressed. I then carefully assess their energy field for such things as injured or leaking chakra, damaged or blocked meridians, congested or injured aura, damaged subtle bodies or past life issues that are the root cause of the symptoms the client is experiencing.

During the session, the client’s spiritual guides are consulted, and communication is facilitated to aid in the healing process and provide any spiritual insights important for their healing journey.

Telemedicine During COVID-19
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From there, the healing frequencies of Reiki, Gemstones, and Diamonds are applied to correct, balance, repair or even rebuild the energetic anatomy, release trapped negative energy, restore light and sound to needed areas, address past life issues, balance and nourish the color rays – whatever is required during each session.

Although every session provides healing, the results are cumulative, and any energy healing modality is most effective when fully received and integrated by the client over several sessions. The simple issue may require two to three basic sessions while complex cases require more intense sessions over a longer period.

Distance and remote energy healing have been around for eons and clients from all walks of life report life-changing results – all it takes is a willingness to heal. As with all energy healing modalities, Gemstone and Diamond Therapy is a gift you give to yourself.

Interested in exploring a remote energy medicine session? You are invited to receive the gift of a free remote basic Gemstone and Diamond Therapy session.

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