EAP – The Burn Bright Way Employee Assistance Program

Corporate team success comes from wise leadership and powerful teamwork that meet today’s challenges in each industry. Wise leadership helps you lead teams to attract the best energetically, be the best vibrationally, and discern what is best for each individual, for the team and for the company as a whole. When leadership and each team member are aligned energetically, success is inevitable.

Many leaders are searching for ways to improve employee well-being, engagement, and productivity following the pandemic.

The Burn Bright Way Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ä improves well-being by  releasing the pain and pressure of past challenges by converting wounds into wisdom to springboard you and your team into a more aligned and enlightened way of being and working together for the success of your company.

It is the ideal add-on to well-being programs, sales incentive trips, corporate meetings, leadership retreats or as a year-round program to ensure your employees can perform at their best. It is designed to help teams operating in high-stress industries (ex. sales, medical, oil & gas or startups) clear the past, let go of what no longer works and adapt to current changes in their industry. It can help leaders recover from the stress and injury of the top-down leadership and management approach and align themselves and their company with a new cross-generational culture that brings lasting success.

The highly customized Burn Bright Way Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) provides individual leadership training with Energy Psychology and Quantum Healing sessions to meet individuals’ multi-dimensional needs due to anxiety, depression, trauma, and PTSD.

The Burn Bright Way ä team of individuals and unique healers follows the highest standards of integrity, sovereignty, interdependency, and creative empowerment.


Packages include:

  • Get Relief from Anxiety
  • Get Relief from Depression
  • Get Relief from Trauma/PTSD
  • Get Relief from Insomnia
  • Relationship management
  • Grief Recovery


Additional customizations will be made according to the teams’ or individual’s needs.

To learn more about how we can customize a program for you and your company’s journey, Contact Jennifer Today For Your Consultation.