Let’s face it: we live in overwhelming, stressful times. As a result, more and more people are reporting feelings of workplace burnout. As many of you can attest, burnout feels like a cloud hanging over everything you do, from low energy and fatigue to aches and pains and more. It can also lead to irritability, meltdowns, anxiety, depression, and in extreme cases, suicidal thoughts. Why is the burnout rate increasing so rapidly? We are all extremely sensitive to the energy around us. Between never-ending online access and a 24-hour news cycle designed to keep us continuously on edge, we are in a state of constant vigilance. You also likely have colleagues and clients relying on you to keep it together for them, which can prevent you from getting a chance to recharge or relax.


The millennials I work with in IT, don’t even know they are burned out, they are just going along on two cylinders hating life.


Many of us deal with an unprecedented amount of negative thoughts and attitudes stemmed by either our own minds or placed on us by employers, colleagues or clients. This negative energy clouds the aura and pollutes it. And with enough accumulation, these negative energies can become trapped in our physical tissue and lead to the symptoms mentioned above. I know this because I lived it for many years. The worst part: I couldn’t sleep at night because I couldn’t get rid of the stress of unrealistic expectations, quotas and workplace negativity.

As U.S. workers spend more than one-third of their lives working, a recent LinkedIn survey recently revealed that more than half of all professionals are continuously placing themselves at risk for worker burnout. And one alarming New York Post article stated that nearly 50 percent of all physicians feel entirely depleted, to the extent that an estimated one in seven has considered suicide.

The Burnout Epidemic Part 3

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Young working adults are not immune either. This population reported they are twice as likely to experience constant exhaustion than they were a couple of decades ago, according to a 2016 University of Chicago General Social Survey. Additionally, an estimated 50 percent of those surveyed said they experience workplace exhaustion frequently. This eye-opening statistic is up 32 percent from over 20 years ago.

Job burnout is not inevitable in today’s world – there are many strategies you can take to reduce the chance of it happening. However, these statistics suggest that there’s a crisis at hand, as well as a lack of proper coping strategies and tools available to prevent and treat burnout.


A Recent Experience Revealed a Revelation

Last August, I was participating at the Willamette Writer’s Conference as part of a roundtable discussion. When it was my time to speak about burnout, the gentleman sitting next to me remained silent.

After I finished my discussion, he said, “It would have been better if I’d had a nervous breakdown …at least that would have made me change my life. I’m a musician working in IT for 25 years, and I’ve adopted an archetype that isn’t even mine.” He added: “The millennials I work with in IT, don’t even know they are burned out, they are just going along on two cylinders hating life.”

I left that event with the revelation that there are at least two classes of burnout: those of us who recognize that we are burning out, and those who are so anesthetized that we are merely going through life thinking this is “as good as it gets”.

The Burnout Epidemic Part 3

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It’s Time to Take Charge of Our Well-Being

If you are experiencing burnout, it’s first important to realize the fact that it’s not your fault. Our continually changing world has become faster and more divisive – and we are all under more pressure than ever before. Experts connect this stress, anxiety and exhaustion trifecta to higher rates of divorce, illness, crime, chronic pain, and even job losses.

But there is hope. You can reverse the effects of burnout by getting to the root of the problem first. Here’s a peek at my approach:

  • I first take clients through a complete study of their current lifestyle and energy. We discuss diet, love, schedules and their connection with Earth and the Divine.
  • Next, is a balancing of the 5 Chinese elements with a comprehensive unwanted energy clearing.
  • Once cleared, the energetic anatomy and chakras are evaluated and repaired.
  • From there I work with thoughts, memories, and emotions causing my client’s symptoms.
  • It is a process that requires self-responsibility, courage, and trust in your practitioner.
  • My ultimate goal is to get to the root of the problem and eradicate the negative energy that is holding you down and causing your burnout. I believe that only energy work – combined with my multi-system approach – truly fixes these issues.
  • My method works because most of the issues you may be experiencing have a spiritual component. My treatment is holistic and covers every aspect of your life, from your body, mind, emotions, and relationships to your spiritual and energy life.
  • The benefits of my holistic approach are to get to the heart of the problem rather than resorting and succumbing to a “Band-Aid” solution that only treats the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes.


Many of us deal with an unprecedented amount of negative thoughts and attitudes stemmed by either our own minds or placed on us by employers, colleagues or clients.


Start Your Journey Today

Begin your journey today as you learn how to identify the symptoms and triggers for burnout, and how we can help reverse the problem in a chemical-free, holistic manner. Take the first step with our Free Burnout Assessment and find out if you’re suffering from burnout today. I warmly invite you to head on over to #BurnBrightToday on your favorite social media platform and post your questions, comments or concerns. If you feel you are suffering from burn out invite you to schedule a consultation. There is hope and a solution.

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