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At work, our lives have never been more connected yet less in touch. We live lives where we interact with thousands each day but struggle to trust someone. The feeling of being alone in a crowd is an all too familiar experience. Not helping the fact that personal lives, dating, and relationships have become disposable. It is so much easier to find a new hook up than it is to invest in the relationship you have because dating has become electronically game-ivied.

Things that used to be safe now can hurt you. These and along with other situational changes have left us vulnerable to predators, life events, and other trauma that creates emotional wounds affecting us in everything we do later. Hate your job? Your relationship? Difficulty sleeping? Irritable for no reason? All of these and more are simply your emotional scar showing through. All because the world is different. It has changed and it’s not going back.

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1-Minute Burnout Assessment

This assessment follows a University tested model and is intended to serve as a quick guide to help you get a feel for where you are at this time from the energy perspective. I invite you to take one minute to answer these questions honestly and authentically. Self-honesty is the first step to bringing change to your life. Once you have completed the assessment, you’ll receive a follow up email with your score, interpretation and suggestions for next steps.