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Gemstone Therapy has continued to evolve with its popularity growing in the last several years. But what is it?

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As I have noted in previous blog posts, the healing powers of gemstones work with the energetic anatomy, and the thoughts, memories, and emotions of a person’s being, often where the cause many illnesses and stressors are rooted.

Gemstone Therapy can provide relief from a wide range of mental, physical and spiritual challenges. From helping with anxiety and depression to chronic and acute pain, sprains and even skin rashes and disorders, Gemstone Therapy energizes the body and mind, decreases blood pressure and inflammation, frees blocked emotions, reduces toxins, minimizes stress and attracts positive energy.

What is Gemstone Therapy
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Practitioners of this alternative therapy know that gemstones carry certain vibrations which, when placed within an individual’s aura, has the effect of altering it. It is believed that the human aura contains nine colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Any deficiency or excess of these colors, according to the theory and practice, can upset the human body’s energy balance leading to illness. Gemstones help you heal by restoring the balance to the original composition of these nine colors.

Having survived a health crisis as a result of burnout – and having experienced the benefits of Gemstone Therapy – I make it my mission to deliver effective Gemstone Therapy that works directly with the energies of a person’s physical body, thoughts, memories, emotions, and intuition to help them move forward on the journey to greater health.

Gemstones: A Look-Back

Gemstone Therapy is not a new practice. In fact, there is evidence that the healing power of gemstones was recognized as far back as the Greek and Egyptian civilizations, as well as in the Vedic period in India. According to online research, archaeologists discovered evidence of systematic mining for gemstones in Egypt more than 7,000 years ago, and in Afghanistan’s Oxus Valley.

The Vedas, a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India, are acknowledged as the original “authority” on gems, their description, potencies, and prescriptions for effective use. According to the Vedas, “imbalances could be set right either by wearing gems against one’s skin or using them as an ingredient to make medicines and potions to be taken internally.”

Another interesting fact: even the gems worn by royalty over the years were not merely used for decoration. Gemstones adorned the crowns of kings and queens primarily for their hidden strengths, and they were believed to be capable of influencing the powers of nature and wealth.

Gemstone Therapy can provide relief from a wide range of mental, physical and spiritual challenges.

The Stone-Cold Facts

Everyone has seven main chakras, which are defined as significant energy centers in the body. Each chakra should be fed with all seven color rays and also be supported by one main color ray. When your chakras are healthy, their colors are balanced.

Here are some examples of the power of gemstones. When used together in various therapies, they can help with the following:


Brightens your awareness and improves your ability to self-reflect. Connects you with a greater expanse of knowledge within.

Black Rhodonite

Builds emotional strength by anchoring scattered emotions. Helps you control your emotions and feel more comfortable with yourself.

Blue Lace Agate

Helps you find new degrees of personal strength, stamina, and resilience to meet life’s challenges with grace. Balances giving with receiving.

Blue Topaz

Frees limiting mindsets to enable creative thoughts to flow with ease.


Supports healthy relationships and overall vitality.


Normalizes internal rhythms to unwind tension and soften tissues frozen by trauma.


Supports overall wellness by continually identifying and uplifting the weakest aspect of yourself. Neutralizes negative energies.

Gray Flash Moonstone

Supports the body’s ability to collect, draw out, and release what it does not want. Particularly good for releasing energy cysts. Detoxifying.

Lapis Lazuli

Connects and synchronizes your heart, mind, and body so that you can be aware of and in harmony with the guidance and intelligence that each provides.


Works like a sculptor’s tool to pare away the energies that do not belong in the “you” that you truly are.


Strengthens and normalizes the root chakra and connects it with Earth energy. Helps you feel grounded by settling energies in your body.

Rose Quartz/Roselite

Releases emotional energies that can become embedded in your tissues and exacerbate tightness, undue stress, and pain.

White Beryl

Strengthens your constitutional vitality, improves well-being, and purifies with its uplifting white ray. Neutralizes unwanted energies.

What is Gemstone Therapy
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During a Gemstone Therapy session, trained practitioners provide a safe, comfortable space. A no touch permission-based modality, Gemstone Therapy allows clients to either sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on a treatment table during a session. Overhead lights are dimmed, and while you are fully clothed, your therapist will cover you with a thin sheet or blanket, and give you a pillow for your head, to make you comfortable.

Gemstone Therapy is a complementary alternative modality that follows well-defined procedures to support the body’s ability to self-heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, using high-quality, therapeutic grade, drilled and spherical crystals. As part of the process, gemstone necklaces will be laid on your body and applied above and around it. Gemstone aura sprays may also be applied above your body, depending on your treatment type. Typically, treatments last about an hour.

What is Gemstone Therapy
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At the end of a session, you will feel calm, at peace and more relaxed. And most importantly, you will be fully integrated – which means you will go home feeling well-grounded, without feeling spacey, or disconnected.

Although gemstones can be used safely by beginners for many types of symptoms or illnesses, keep in mind that gemstones react differently with different people. If you are looking for help with a more serious condition, it is crucial to work consistently with a qualified practitioner.

Some Final Thoughts

Alternative practices, such as Gemstone Therapy, continue to evolve and their popularity has been growing in the last several years.

I’ve experienced that gemstones are truly the jewels of multidimensional healing and transformation – gifts from nature simply waiting to be opened.

In order to truly benefit from these precious gifts, you will need to work with a qualified AND certified Gemstone Therapist. Only then will you be able to tap into the vast healing potential of gemstones and reap their extensive, therapeutic benefits. If you would like to learn more about Gemstone Therapy and how it can personally benefit you, post your questions on #BurnBrightToday and let’s get to know each other!

Research Credits: Isabelle Morton of GemFormulas

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