Why Do We Need to Be Careful Of Who We Have Sex With?

There is nothing wrong with feeling a strong connection to either love or sex. However, to better navigate through each of them, it’s essential to be able to fully understand and differentiate between the two and how it affects our vibrational and energetic makeup.

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Breaking news: Prince Charming does not exist. In fact, every single person out there, even the greatest person you can think of – attractive, caring, smart or strong – has flaws.

Be Careful Of Who We Have Sex With

Further breaking news: Cinderella doesn’t exist either. Ladies, it simply isn’t true. There is no Prince Charming coming to save you and we shouldn’t be asking anyone, especially a man to save us from ourselves and the current life situation we’ve created for ourselves.

As many experts agree, here’s what I suggest: let the fairy tale concept go. This idea that the perfect mate is out there and that you need to immediately run from anyone who doesn’t fulfill that fantasy, please, just let that notion go.

After many years of personal experience and studying the primary differences between sex/lust and love, what is actually going to make you happy down the road can be quite different in reality.

Be Careful Of Who We Have Sex With
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The Difference Between Love and Sex (or Lust)

In many cases, many of us often misinterpret an attraction towards another person as love. Sure, that cutie you noticed at the coffee shop the other day – just because you can’t stop thinking about him, it does not mean you are in full-scale love.

According to the dictionary, love is defined as a strong feeling of affection. On the other hand, sex (or lust) is defined more to “arouse sexually,” or to increase the appeal of and make something more interesting, attractive or exciting.

There is nothing wrong with feeling either of the above. However, to better navigate through each of them, it’s essential to be able to fully understand and differentiate between the two.

Here are some ways to help you distinguish between the two feelings, from the start of any relationship:

  • Typically, when you fall for another person, you often let things take their course gradually. There are no feelings of urgency, as you understand that the person is worth the wait. Yet, with sex or lust, you may be more inclined to speed things up as the notion of what you need from that person is right there. Often, the primary focus is on how the person looks and not what they are on the inside.
  • Many people will agree, the first few dates are the most exciting part of a relationship. Think about the thrill of those meetups, the hunger for conversation and the fluttering butterflies often experienced – clear signs that you may be falling for someone. With sex and lust, however, you may feel a compulsive need to attract the other person. For example, your focus might be to impress them versus truly get to know them.
  • With love, you tend to hone in on each little detail about the other person – from likes and dislikes to their big picture plans and dreams. This knowledge gathering connects to your genuine desire to learn as much as you can about that specific person. On the other hand, when you lust towards another person, you typically don’t feel as inclined to know everything about them. Rather, your focus tends to be more on their attention and physical needs.
  • Being intimate with a person you love is nothing short of magic. It’s vital to realize that there’s a different type of intimacy when you are in a relationship for more than pure physical pleasure. Conversely, when a relationship is purely based on sex, often, an intoxicating desire to have frequent sex overpowers your thoughts. Additionally, if sex is skipped for one reason or another, you may end up finding it challenging to prolong the relationship because there seems to be no way for you to connect with the other person.
  • In many cases, people in love envision spending their entire lives together. When you lust over someone, the lack of intimacy towards the relationship often makes the connection transient and unfit of your imagination. In these scenarios, it’s difficult to envision a future because you genuinely believe that the relationship might not last over the long run.

The Emotional and Physical Benefits of Sex

Research shows that sex is tremendously beneficial to our physical and mental health. For starters, sex activates a variety of neurotransmitters that impact not only our brains but also many other organs.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure and enhanced immune system
  • Better heart health
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increased intimacy and closeness to a sexual partner
  • Overall stress reduction
Be Careful Of Who We Have Sex With
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How the Energy of Sex Affects Your Vibrational Makeup?

The flow of energy transferred from one human to another is a critical element of our “oneness” as a species. In fact, many of us have entered into someone else’s private space and either experienced a positive or negative sense of energy that instantly impacts our mood.

The aura is the manifestation of energy that surrounds us and is visible to those with second sight abilities. As a result, it creates an encompassing field of our own “electricity” that absorbs others’ electricity, too. Our entire physical realm is comprised of invisible energy fields circulating through our natural environment, playing an essential role in the cultivation and fostering of our relationships.

It’s crucial to realize that the energy within a particular space can often be subtle – or even undetectable in some situations – and much stronger in others. For instance, when you attend a concert, the energy transfer between the performers and music fans can often be surreal. While no physical contact has been made, a connection is still created.

This flow can be even more heightened between two individuals who are attracted to each other or falling in love.

Sending or receiving vibes to and from someone that you are attracted to can be incredibly euphoric and tends to be the threshold where emotional bonds are developed. These connections become almost magnetic with each interaction, and we grow more attracted to the other person’s energy, craving their presence and touch.

Eventually, the energy transferred via sexual intercourse creates the strongest bonds, intertwining two people’s energy so tightly that separation can be traumatic as it leaves imprints of the other person’s energy remaining on our personal aura.

It is crucial to understand that some people have developed the ability to make themselves energetically highly attractive in order to attract the opposite sex for the purposes of using sex to meet their energetic needs. This power over model can feel incredibly intoxicating and be used for nefarious means.

Unfortunately, further complications can arise and become even more complicated if an individual has numerous emotional tangles and sexual partners.

Be Careful Of Who We Have Sex With
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Keep Your Aura and Energetic Anatomy Clean Before Starting a New Relationship

There are many ways you can cleanse your aura when ending one relationship and/or starting a new one:

  • Smudging. Using sage to smudge is a practice that goes back thousands of years – people use it to cleanse people’s energetic auras and rid outer environments of negative energy.
  • Meditation. To cleanse your energies, try to take an objective look at your feelings to better understand why you feel and act the way you do with other people. Also, when you connect with yourself and simply be present in a high vibratory state, you can rid yourself of any energy that no longer benefits you.
  • Nature. When you expose yourself to natural sunlight proactively, your energies will begin to flow. Also, spending time outside in nature naturally raises your vibration and can help to ground and de-stress you overall.
Be Careful Of Who We Have Sex With
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Some Final Thoughts

I urge readers to realize that ultimately, sex or lust isn’t about what they look like; instead, they are about the emotions and feelings that result from a connection with another person – the energetic shift you experience, and the intimacy shared with another person.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you are so much more than your physical body, and sex can teach you that. When you express yourself sexually, it can improve your connection with a partner, as well as your connection with yourself. And what’s better than that? Want to learn more about how you can manage the vibrational frequencies of sex?

If you think you have energetically compromised by someone using your sexual energy to manipulate you, I strongly encourage you to seek help immediately.  You don’t have to go through life being controlled or drained by someone and there is help – there is a solution. If this resonates with you, book a complimentary consultation with me today to learn if my “No Strings Attached” package can help you get your life back.

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