Why the Coronavirus is a Gift to Humanity – A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective

A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective
Before you throw precious produce at me – hear me out. Know that it is completely normal to feel upset, stressed, confused, scared or angry during any type of crisis. But with knowledge and support, there’s no need for fear or anger. This pandemic is a gift because it's a wake-up call for us.

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This past month, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus, or COVID-19, as a global pandemic. The announcement has been stirring up worldwide panic and anxiety for numerous reasons.

A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective

5 Things We Had to Learn

  1. Be very discerning where you get your information – Beware of any authority, anyone in a leadership position of any type, government, media, teachers, parent, colleagues, friends, or family members who will say things to make you experience fear.
  2. Back to the Basics:
    1. Handwashing for 20 seconds up to the elbows is the correct way to wash your hands and always has been.
    2. Why? 20 seconds is the time it takes for the detergent in our hand soap (sodium lauryl sulfate and others) to not only wash away what’s on the surface of our skin but to have the time necessary chemical reaction to break through the fatty layer (lipid envelop) of pathogens.
    3. When you have a fever or been exposed to any virus, bacteria or other pathogens limit your exposure to others. Stay home from work and administer self-care: rest, fluids, electrolytes, extra supplements (high dose Vitamin C with D, Zinc, etc.).
    4. Work from home unless you have significant symptoms – then go to bed and get the rest and recuperation your body, mind, and spirit are asking for.
    5. Dedicate 20-30 minutes every day (morning and evening are ideal) in quiet contemplation, meditation or prayer where you connect with the Divine and receive your Divine Guidance on any matter facing you in your life.
    6. Sunlight is and has always been the best antiseptic. Dedicate time every day for you and your family to spend time in direct sunlight with fresh air and nature. Even if it is for 15-30 minutes every day weather permitting. A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective is thorough guide.
  3. Connection with the Divine is a must for survival. We are divine spiritual beings incarnated on earth having a human experience to further our spiritual unfoldment. Daily connection with the Divine is necessary for our survival, now more than any other time in human history.
  4. Earth and everyone on it are experiencing a spiritual awakening – and no one is getting out of it. Each of us is responsible for our spiritual unfoldment, in our way on our path. Each of us is responsible for developing and maintaining a spiritual connection with the Divine where we can ask for guidance and receive it. As we ask for guidance and follow it step by step over time we spiritually unfold or spiritually awaken slowly over time at a pace we can handle. If we dedicate time and energy to our spiritual unfoldment every single day and step by step, we aren’t so shocked by events happening around us.
  5. We must care for our physical bodies every single day. Locking yourself in the safety of your own home does not mean sitting on the couch all day. If our physical bodies become weak from lethargy, our immune system will be compromised.
  6. We must also care for ourselves energetically as well. Specifically our thoughts, memories, and emotions.
  7. At its most basic element, the experience of a global pandemic and global recession isn’t about a virus. In A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective, it’s about fear spreading around the virus. The virus itself is nothing special, it’s just a regular virus that will run its course in its own time. The power this virus has is the fear that has been associated with it through disinformation, power, and control. Staying at home, dealing with our stuff is an unprecedented way for each of us to face our own greatest fear – whatever that is for us. Symbolically, it represents our fear of death. Not just physical death, but the death of the ego in whatever way is unique to us. Once we can face our greatest fear, deal with it, overcome it and heal it – we receive the gift.
A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective
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How Fear Affects Our Health and Wellness

It has been scientifically proven that fear decreases our immunity and increases our risk for infection of any kind for example:

  • Our telomeres shorten
  • Various stress hormones are released such as Cortisol

Energetically, our energy fields tighten up or even lockdown and can’t function at their full potential.

  • The Aura can’t turn. Our aura should turn around us in a slow, metered fashion the way the Jetstream turns around the earth. When our aura can’t turn, we have many issues – our lives stop moving forward and other components of our energetic anatomy can’t function well.
  • Thoughts projections of other people become stuck in our aura. This disinformation becomes trapped and over time we begin to accept these thoughts and opinions of others as our own.
  • The chakra system becomes sluggish and can’t function well. This results in a multitude of health and life issues such as physical illness, injury, relationship, and abundance issues.

In a nutshell, fear locks us down and get us working against ourselves.  Spiritually speaking, we move backward in every area of our lives.

A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective
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Holistic Insights into the Coronavirus

Why a virus and why now?

  • We are ending the Piscean age. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and represents death and endings. In Medical Astrology, Pisces impacts the respiratory system. Pluto – a major play in the grand Stellium back on Jan 12th, 2020 rules things that are hidden, need to be brought up and dealt with so we can face it and move on.
  • 2020 is a 4-universal year. The number 4 represents, the 4 seasons, structure, home, work, etc. A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective is thorough guide.
  • From a Medical Astro-Numerology perspective, we are all at home getting a major reboot. We’re at home with each other under lockdown, forcing us to deal with our stuff. Anything that’s been under the surface that we haven’t been dealing with has to come up so we can face it, deal with it, heal it and move on into a whole new life. The new earth consciousness.
A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective
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COVID-19 is a Gift

Don’t take my word for it, do your research, contemplate, meditate or pray on the perspective I’ve offered here and seen what truth you come up with for yourself. In my personal and professional experience about A Holistic Nurse’s Perspective, Truth comes when we slow ourselves down, take plenty of time to connect with the Divine, with an open heart and an open mind and ask to be shown TRUTH.

If you’re having difficulty stepping out of the fear and getting into a place where you can open your heart and connect with the Divine, I understand. I get it. I was there once too. If you are looking for a new way to open your heart, experience peace, calm and connect with God, I share with you the HU. The HU is a love song to God, it is a non-directed prayer of the highest sort. When sung for 20 minutes a day silently or aloud, it can bring peace and love into your life in a profound way.

The HU is for every one of all religions, spiritual paths, races, cultures or creeds. I warmly invite you to click on this link www.hearhu.org where you can experience the HU for yourself. Give it a try and see if it resonates with you. You can also download the free HU app where you can listen to the HU and watch a lovely video. May the Blessings Be.

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